Take a look here if you want to see the full Senate HELP subcommittee lineup, but the top spots are nothing unexpected: Dodd, Mikulski, and Patty Murray head the three subs, with Alexander, Burr, and Isakson as ranking members. Obama and Clinton are both on the K12 and employment subcommittees, and not on aging....

Cafeteria Inspections Lag, Study Finds WaPo High school cafeterias in the District, Virginia and Montgomery County routinely fail to meet federal food safety standards that require them to be inspected twice a year, according to a study released yesterday. Reading, writing, and a roof overhead CSM Officially, it's known as Joe's Place. But one of its first residents has dubbed the cheerful yellow house "Big Bird." It opened recently with enough space for four homeless boys who attend high school in the Maplewood Richmond Heights (MRH) district, near St. Louis. West Virginia kids win weight-loss game USAT Researchers plan to ...

There's been some interesting pushback against EdWeek's story about the declining influence of the AFT -- not all of it coming from the union.  First, Joe Williams at The Chalkboard said that maybe the story had got things wrong (ie, backwards).  Now, the AFT blog points to various signs that the union might actually be not just alive but thriving -- including a recent report from the research arm of EdWeek itself.  My only contribution is to wonder whether the article is the product of someone -- the reporter Vaishali Honawar (pictured) or an editor -- pushing to make a dramatic...

Along with the recent spread of teacher-focused PFP experiments has come a similar slew of initiatives focused on paying kids (and their parents) for doing helpful things like passing tests and improving attendance. Here, Joanne Jacobs describes the latest (Paying students for performance). Recently, NYC major Bloomberg proposed paying parents for students' attendance -- something that apparently worked quite well in Mexico....

I was one of the first guesstimators on the block to predicat that NCLB reauthorization would get delayed, and if anything the situation seems worse now than ever. What makes me say that? Most of all, it's that the Administration decided to roll out its reauthorization proposal now, on the heels of the State Of The Union, instead of waiting for the budget proposal next week, or waiting for the Baker Plan Aspen Institute Commission report next month, or -- God forbid -- developing a joint plan with Congressional Democrats. Maybe they wanted to do one of these things, but ...


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