The Carnival of Education is up at The Median Sib and it's a good one. Great pictures, such as this one that represents the category "School Governance and Edupolicy," and it has some great posts: EdWonk at The Education Wonks tells us about a Rhode Island Catholic school that has adopted a silent lunch policy in ”The School of Silence.” Patrick at The Psychology of Education looks at a new book that addresses “shadow children” and what the author claims is the #1 problem in education. Look for next week's carnival right here at This Week In Education. Posts should ...

This month's Education Writers Association newsletter (here) digs into the oft-cited statistic that black and Hispanic 12th-graders perform academically at the level of white eighth-graders, based on a report comparing NAEP scores of those two groups. Based on a listserve discussion among reporters, the newsletter describes how several reporters questioned whether the test scores between eighth-graders and 12th-graders could be compared, talked to experts about the issue, a figured out what to do with the conflicting responses they got. Very interesting stuff -- that EWA listserve is great, I hear....

I'm conflicted, I admit it. Sometimes I want big ideas and complain at the small-mindedness we all get stuck in, and other times I'm overwhelmed by big ideas I can't really grasp. Looking at this KnowledgeWorks/ Institute For the Future map is one of the latter times, unfortunately. Called the Map of Future Forces Affecting Education, the map (a 2-pp PDF, actually) charts dilemmas and trends in various categories. Let me know if you find anything good on it, and thanks to the friend who sent it in to me. Here's the site. Clearly I need more coffee....

House Approves Plan to Cut Student Loan Rates AP The House of Representatives approves a bill to cut student loan interest rates in half over the next 5 years. Old SATs crop up again -- but it's not error by test-owners A possible security breach on the SAT exam in South Korea is highlighting a common but little-known practice by the College Board: reusing entire SAT exams that have already been given. Educators blast No Child Left Behind changes Baltimore Examiner The Teachers Association of Baltimore County, a National Education Association member, criticized the White House for proposing to allow ...

EdSec Spellings is between more than a couple rocks and hard places these days. While lots of folks on the Hill are ramping up to see if the Administration proposes "enough" of a funding increase for NCLB in the budget, another set of folks are pushing at the EdSec to enforce the public school transfer provision in the current law, which has been blocked, sidestepped, and generally ignored for the last five years. To wit: "Leaders of 25 state and national policy organizations sent their request through a letter to Spellings on Friday." Everyone's failure to implement the public school ...


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