Remember that story from a couple of weeks ago about the immigrant kids who were banned from playing soccer in a Georgia town? Well, here's what's happened since then -- and it's not all good: "Scott Rudin urgently chased the movie rights to the heartwarming story of refugee kids playing soccer in small-town Clarkston, Ga," according to this Wall Street Journal article (Soccer Story Kicks Off Hollywood Fight). "Four days later, he vented about being on the losing end of the pricey auction, showing how sticky things can get when real people are sucked into the Hollywood vortex."...

Everybody knows that I can barely count, much less do statistical regressions, but I do know some folks who are good at that stuff. Having looked at that recent Fordham report on state achievement levels, one of them sent in handy-dandy spreadsheet that -- I'm told -- shows a negative relationship between the grades Fordham give the states on math and NAEP performance on math. "The higher the Fordham score, the lower the NAEP score." You can see the spreadsheet here. Got anything good to send in? Send it to us at [email protected] UPDATE: The quick-response team at ...

Unlike in most years, when Congress has already passed its spending bills by now, this year we’ll have the start of the new budget planning process begin while the old budget is still in process. As pointed out in David DeSchryver’s Federal Update, the House is set to try and finish the FY07 spending bill next week – the same week the President’s FY08 budget request comes out. Most programs are going to get no funding increase, though as usual some folks will try and get one until the bitter end. For example, Rep. Castle in the House ...

Let's be honest -- it's a pain to come back here all the time. You don't want to miss the latest scoop, education headlines, silliness, or banter -- but unlike me you've got real work to do. So this is how to avoid ever having to come back here again to check for new stuff: You can sign up for a free weekly email in the little box to the right under my picture, and get the week's best posts in your email inbox Sunday nights. Or, you can get nearly instant updates by hitting the orange "Get RSS" box ...

States tackle global competitiveness eSchool News From increasing the rigor of the high school curriculum, to focusing more attention on math, science, and technology instruction, many U.S. governors this year have proposed new education programs that aim to raise high school graduation rates and better prepare students for success in the 21st century. Public schools group jeers privatization Washington Times Today, NSBA members will walk the halls of Congress, lobbying for more funding and flexibility to help teachers meet the law's tough standards for testing students and making progress. Staff Is Reeling After Bold Move WaPo Every staff member ...


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