Clinton, Richardson, Edwards offer plans AP Clinton, Richardson, Edwards offer plans to make college more affordable, help rural schools. Student charged on 17 counts in school bomb threat AP Student charged on 17 counts in school bomb threat. Brewer has yet to make his imprint LA Times Several months into his job as superintendent of the Los Angeles school system, David L. Brewer held court before students at Millikan Middle School in Sherman Oaks. Small schools under microscope Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Do you need a license to teach the specific subjects you are teaching to be a quality teacher? How ...

Forget about Obama not wearing that lapel pin -- now he's gone completely crazy, according to Scott Elliott (Obama: Let illegals get aid for college). The AFTies, too, apparently. They poke at the President for claiming to have invented NAEP (Pres. Bush Invented NAEP) but seem to forget that taking the test was voluntary for states before NCLB. Now, we do have NAEP scores for every state. Meanwhile, Joanne Jacobs is calling for votes (The 2007 Weblog Awards). Vote for her blog, then vote for mine. That is, if I'm even nominated. Over at WakEd, they combine 'cafeteria' and 'auditorium' ...

Poor and working class kids have less access to dental care than ever before, and it's showing, according to this NYT article (Boom Times for Dentists, but Not for Teeth).  Sometimes the delays and lack of care are serious.  Strange that I've seen vision programs at schools but never dental ones....

There's a big article in this week's EdWeek about universities' increasing efforts at school reform, focusing on the University of Chicago which currently runs several charter schools on Chicago's South Side. I know, I know.  They're evil academic geniuses out to ruin a shining example of urban education and gut teacher job protections.  I get it.  Still, there are some tidbits you might want to check out.  In addition to Chicago, Stanford University, the University of California, San Diego, and the University of New Orleans are also running schools.  And many other universities in other places are authorizing...

The folks from Cong. Boehner's office were kind enough to send me a copy of this Roll Call article ($) suggesting that little if anything is happening on the NCLB front, despite all efforts on their part. Boehner's specific objections include the loosened accountability provisions in the Miller-McKeon draft, and the creation of 28 new programs.Republicans are claiming that Miller is being inflexible, and won't meet with them. He says he hasn't been able to get a meeting. Fun!...


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