So apparently the EdSec is actually showing up at the NSBA event in DC today -- I wonder if she knows (or cares) what they're saying about her precious little NCLB on their blogsite. According to BoardBuzz, American schools are not in crisis, AYP just needs some...softening, and hey, Maggie, send cash. As for any new elements or requirements? Not so much. "We cannot improve the law just by piling more layers onto it," opines the Buzz. "Instead, we must focus on improving NCLB’s accountability framework first and foremost. Get that part (and of course, the funding) right, ...

EdWeek now has a handy-dandy "most viewed stories" list next to each story you view (sorta like the NYT version). to which I point you merely to point out that This Week In Education squeaks in at #5. Not bad, considering what a short time we've been here. Thanks to everyone who's found their way over (and to all the promotion that has been lavishing upon us)....

Pushing Back at Bullying NYT This past November, the Greenwich High School principal, Alan J. Capasso, greeted an early morning assembly of more than 800 freshmen about to begin a mandatory anti-bias, anti-bullying program called “Names Can Really Hurt Us.” High Schools eyed in No Child Left Behind Washington Times Educators, lawmakers and the White House are indicating that high school reform should be included in this year's renewal of the No Child Left Behind law, and the discussion about what it will include is already under way. Bus driver background checks cause school closings Columbus schools canceled ...

Best Of The Week Secrets Of The USDE: Insider Edelstein On The HotSeat Subversion, War, Kit And Kaboodle - Hogwash! (NCLB Rhetoric) Why No One Cares Deeply About Iraq -- Or Urban Schools Are Management Companies Better For Charters State Of The Union Health Care Big, Education Small Live-Blogging The State Of The Union (Sort Of) Reaction Roundup - What Did You Think Of The Speech? State Of The Union Preview: Reauthorize NCLB More Stupid State Of The Union Fun Campaign 2008 What Hillary's Candidacy Means For Education - Not Much Obama & The Madrassa: The Real Education Story Of The ...

I generally try and avoid reading education pieces over the weekend, since I see so many of them during the week, but sometimes I can't resist. Here are a few interesting-looking ones (If you've seen any better be sure and let us know in the comments section): Lives: Assimilating Circumstances NYT I’ve taught English as a second language for eight years, and I’m no slouch. I’ve taught in Korea and in New York City’s Chinatown. I’ve taken on classrooms of 50 high-school boys at a time. I wouldn’t have guessed that one slim Afghan ...


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