When I first read those quotes from Mike Petrilli at the end of Thursday's NYT, I wondered why he wasn't talking about national standards. Then I found out that they weren't the fresh, live quotes, they seemed to be (Mike told me). Instead, they're taken straight from Petrilli's essay on the Bush NCLB proposal (Mr. Fix-It). Which leaves us wondering which of the other quotes used by reporter Diana Jean Schemo (pictured) were canned. Others may not care, but I think it makes a difference. And, I've said it before: reporters, maybe it would be good to find someone who's ...

Colleges Regroup After Voters Ban Race Preferences NYT Others are using many different approaches, like working with mostly minority high schools, using minority students as recruiters, and offering summer prep programs for promising students from struggling high schools. Learning Improvements Among Head Start Children Tracked EdWeek Children participating in Head Start during the 2003-04 school year showed significant learning gains in vocabulary, early math skills, and early writing skills, according to the latest results of an ongoing survey. Fairfax Resists 'No Child' Provision WaPo The Fairfax County School Board last night defied the U.S. Department of Education -- and ...

You have to love EdSec Spellings’ use of the phrase “kit and kaboodle” to describe the Administration’s desire to win approval of their whole NCLB reauthorization package, though so far only NPR seems to have used it in a segment. So fun, so quaint. So Spellings. But that's not the only rhetorical flourish up Spellings' sleeve. She defends the new tough restructuring requirements for persistently failing schools in saying, “I think we all have to answer…what are we going to do about that?'" Meaning: if you don’t like my ideas, come up with something better, but ...

Earlier this week, we put USDE longtimer Fritz Edelstein on the HotSeat, where he told all sorts of secrets that only a 31-year USDE veteran can tell. But he's hardly the first. As some of you have requested, here are some past favorites: Rick Hess -- A Liberals' Kind Of Conservative Those rumors about good-looking slaves doing all his writing for him aren't true. NYT Magazine's Paul Tough On The HotSeat What he really thinks about school reform and social policy. Matt Maurer & The Shadowy World Of Education PR Companies Why it's better to get an AP story than one ...

Those crazy folks at the SEED Foundation are looking for someone to run their new Baltimore school -- a college-prep, public boarding school for students in grades 6-12. "The Head of School for Maryland will have a tremendous opportunity to create a brand new school, with the benefits of relying on proven aspects of SEED’s first school program, as well as the resources, funding and community support that you and we have developed over the past 10 years." Tell them Alexander sent you....


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