Senator Hillary Clinton has not said much about PK - 12 education in the past few days since her Presidential campaign announcement, even as she has been soliciting questions from website visitors to answer in her live, online webchats. And she's probably wise not to. School reform ideas hardly ever get anyone elected, and have often arguably dragged them down. Still, as first noted on The Chalkboard, former Senate staffer Dan Gerstein wishes he'd had a chance to ask Clinton some questions (five questions that won't make Hillary's webchats ). On education, Gerstein asks whether Clinton will "embrace controversial education reforms" ...

Slowly, the most important details of the Bush reauthorization plan are coming out -- a private school option we've seen before (but will play differently now that Congress is on record for vouchers in DC and New Orleans), the likely expansion of the growth model option for meeting AYP, some uncertain language regarding highly qualified teachers, and -- most obviously inflammatory -- beefed-up requirements for schools in restructuring and districts with inequitable distribution of teachers that could abrogate collective bargaining agreements and contradict state or local charter law. The reactions so far have been as you'd expect. But the main ...

It's not just about what poor people eat that makes them more prone to overeating and obseity, according to this article from Salon (The anxiety of appetite). It's why they eat. "When food stamps run out, or the kids' medical expenses take precedence, or the local food bank shuts down or runs out of food, you're not going to eat a lot. And when food becomes available again, you binge." In their efforts to help the poor eat healthy foods, says the author, those who are trying to help run the risk of failing and creating a new form of ...

Bush Proposes Broadening the No Child Left Behind Act NYT The proposals would give local school officials new powers to override both teachers’ contracts and state limits on charter schools in the case of persistently failing schools. New education reforms get mixed reviews AP Democrats and teachers‘ unions are criticizing the Bush administration for proposing to let school officials override collective bargaining agreements and state laws in an effort to reshape the No Child Left Behind law. Teacher has ways to light a fire under his pupils USAT In a new book, Teach Like Your Hair's On Fire, he offers ...

Sad to say, the only school-related issue that most folks out in the non-education world are paying any attention to right now is the issue of whether Barack Obama attended a Muslim school as a child in Indonesia: "Even last night, while Mr. Obama was doing interviews following President Bush’s national address, he was asked about the rumors," notes The Caucus (Obama's Religion and Schooling). "He was asked about it again on the “Today” show. Afterward, his staff released a fullblown offensive –perhaps a few days too late — to the media."...


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