EdWeek has recently beefed up its coverage of the education industry -- I use the term in the most neutral sense -- and this week there are a bunch of articles about three of the main things that the education industry does for schools: tutoring, testing, and textbooks. Companies Want Changes in NCLB Tutoring Policies Disappointing numbers fuel call for steps aimed at boosting student participation. Tougher Oversight Promised for Private Tutors in GeorgiaEarlier this month, state officials barred the Get Smart Inc. service from working with public school tutoring for three years after investigators found some Clayton County, Ga., ...

I should be doing my laundry or feeding my new cat, but instead I'm here, live-blogging the State Of The Union for any glimpses of education news. This is not so easy to do without a drink - where's the Jameson when I really need it? Start at the bottom if you want to read in chronological order. But it's really all over after the first 10 minutes of the speech....

Every week, The Education Wonks organize an amazing Carnival Of Education Blogs that includes dozens and dozens of author-submitted blog posts. Every once in a while, I take my own look at the education blogs and come up with my own favorite posts – usually ones that are particularly counterintuitive, insightful, or well-written. Click below to see some recent favorites. I guarantee you'll find at least a couple that you really like -- especially the funny ones....

Kudos to the AFTies for being first to find and link to the President's education agenda, such as it is, in tonight's State of the Union. It's nothing unexpected, but it's the latest and offers some hints and details. Can we start the drinking game now, or do we have to wait until he actually starts talking?...

This article in Salon (Where's the outrage?) argues that there is no significant antiwar movement because the vast majority of the public who are "not facing death or the death of immediate family members, doesn't care enough." I'd argue that much the same is true of reforming urban school systems, which are nearly as far away from many lawmakers' and middle class taxpayers' experiences as the Middle East. According to the piece, by Gary Kamiya, "The elites talk and the kids who go to community college get blown up...People are capable of genuine concern for their fellow citizens, but ...


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