Public Agenda has often done fascinating work on education issues -- telling us what folks really think, whether we want to hear it or not. To make education engagement a more regular thing, they're going to re-start their education blog, called Reality CheckED. It (re)lanches tomorrow (the old one seems to have come and gone during the summer and fall of last year). Maybe they got some of that Gates money to make sure education is big in the upcoming campaign. From the press release: "Public Agenda is all about keeping people talking and the positive effects of exchanging ...

In honor of tonight's State Of The Union, this week's HotSeat honoree is longtime USDE insider Fritz Edlestein, who tells all under pressure, including among other things, -- about his new endeavors (they are many) -- on whether mayoral control is right for everyone (it's not) -- on how to get a law changed after it's been passed (can it really be that easy?) -- on his shameful involvement in Blue Ribbon Schools (now it can be told) -- on whether it's a go for national standards ("the time is getting riper"), and -- about some of his main accomplishments ...

Acquisition Ban Lifter at Career Education NYT Career Education is battling back from government investigations, private lawsuits and accreditation problems, many stemming from accusations that the company cheated on admissions practices, financial aid and job placement. Teachers Tackle Their Own Extra Credit WaPo Although some wonder how much the program raises student achievement, there is a growing movement toward national certification. The number of board-certified teachers has tripled in the past five years to more than 55,000 nationwide. Pete Seeger among children's book winners A book by Pete Seeger about a young musician who loses his hearing ...

There's an interesting new documentary about school reform on its way, this one (called "Whatever It Takes") about a small school and a new principal in the South Bronx. Shot during 05-06, it's a labor of love that's still in post-production, but it's already won some small awards and there's a nice trailer to look at (surf to Or to watch a YouTube version of the video click below. When finished, the full-length documentary will take a hard look at both sides of the small schools debate, says director Christopher Wong, asking the tough question: "can a ...

Riffing off of a Washington Post story about the upcoming struggles Speaker Pelosi faces within her own ranks, Eduwonk posts on how challenging it is going to be for NCLB to get reauthorized (NCLB'ed) -- and whether that falls in Pelosi's lap or the President's. "The line about Pelosi feeling she needs to deliver for new members and what they ran on is a down arrow on NCLB in some cases," writes Eduwonk. "But, isn't the President's forthcoming budget request (and any private signals he might be sending) pretty key here in terms of whether we get to an NCLB ...


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