Proving once again that she's nothing if not iconoclastic, Diane Ravitch seems to be moving much farther left than most would expect. Or maybe I just assumed she was a critic. It's not just the joint appearances with small schools queen Debbie Meier -- soon to be turned into a new EdWeek venture, I'm told. She's also featured in the latest issue of the American Educator in strong support of teachers unions (Cultivating Solutions) of all things: "Protecting teachers from ill-conceived instructional mandates, intolerable conditions, and poor compensation—these are all reasons why teacher unions were important 100 years ago, ...

Don't expect much from the President about education in the upcoming State Of The Union besides the call to reauthorize NCLB, based on this mention in a White House press briefing last week: " I think that the issues that the President has chosen to talk about in the State of the Union are ones that we all agree on the ultimate goal -- maybe not on every single detail -- but we have different paths of getting there. And I think that he believes that there are ways that we can work together -- on energy reform, there's a lot ...

As the first '08 presidential candidate to make front, top and left of the Washington Post, Hillary Clinton made the rumors official on Saturday, January 20, 2007 - exactly two years from the date of the next presidential inauguration. She used a highly-praised online video on her website to make the announcement (which never mentions education), coupled with a typed statement of her candidacy (which barely mentions education). The most popular policy issue associated with Hillary is health care - something she did stress in her announcement. Clinton's statement on NCLB's 5th anniversary notes her original support for NCLB and ...

Oregon latest state to raise graduation requirements Boston Globe Oregon is the latest state to take action in a nationwide movement to raise graduation requirements after a speech Microsoft Corp. chairman Bill Gates gave to the nation's governors in 2005. Taking Middle Schoolers Out of the Middle NYT The two schools, in disparate corners of the nation’s largest school system, are part of a national effort to rethink middle school, driven by increasingly well-documented slumps in learning among early adolescents as well as middle school crime rates and stubborn high school dropout rates. Education Department says lender was overpaid ...

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