There's been a slew of banning going on around the country, it seems (cell phones, games of tag, etc.) -- most of which seem ridiculous from the outside even as they make sense to those who propose them. This one might take the cake: a Georgia town has banned kids from playing soccer on public playing fields. But of course it's simpler, and more complicated, than that. In the NYT: Refugees Find Hostility and Hope on Soccer Field...

As usual, there are lots of articles I didn't get to this week. Click below to check out a few of them....

Mediabistro reports that the Washington Post is moving Valerie Strauss up to higher ed where she'll join up with Susan Kinzie. To fill in where Strauss had been, the paper is also moving Amit Paley (pictured) to cover K12 with Jay Mathews. Congrats and condolences to all involved (and their sources). Click here for the details: FishbowlDC....

Study: World falling behind on 2015 education goal the study by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences said the goal of providing a high-quality education to all children could be achieved at a reasonable cost with more support and funding from governments worldwide. Court Hears Case on Use of Fees by Teachers' Union EdWeek A case testing the constitutionality of a Washington state law that requires nonunion teachers to “affirmatively consent,” or opt in, before a teachers’ union may spend money from “agency fees” on political campaigns and similar activism. Gaming advances as a learning tool eSchool ...

National standards expert Kevin Kosar writes in with the following guest column on the current national standards debate: While researching my dissertation on the politics of education standards just a few years ago, I conducted a number of interviews with smart people in the education policy world. One of them was Checker Finn of the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation. Just over four years ago, Checker graciously fit me into his dense schedule and we spoke at length. When I raised the question of national standards, Checker responded, that “nobody wants” national standards and that idea “isn’t even being discussed.”...


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