Click below to check out the full list of House education subcommittee members, as announced by Chairman Miller's office earlier today - along with some snazzy new names. **Ed Reform gets a new long name and Kildee as head. **21st Century Competitiveness gets a new long name and Hinojosa as head. **Select Education turns into "Healthy Families & Communities" and McCarthy heads it. Where's Woolsey? She's heading a labor panel....

Even though he's only controlled the school system for four years, NYC Mayor Bloomberg keeps rolling out the changes -- the most notable of the latest (Bloomberg Seeks Further Changes) include dismantling his "regional" superintendents structure to go to a more local, distributed model and making an effort to weight student funding so that any discrepancies in how much money each school gets per child are based on educational needs (special ed, low-income, ELL) not faculty salaries. It's interesting to see the echoes here of mid of Chicago in the late 1990s, where Mayor Daley and Paul Vallas tried to ...

Voluntary National Testing Then Supported by a still-popular 2nd term President (Clinton). Debated as part of the annual approps process (FY97-98). Supported by a popular EdSec (Riley). Proposed right after a big Democratic win (’96). Supported by business (Biz Roundtable & US Chamber). Supported by several states & districts (7 or so, as I recall). Voluntary National Standards Now Supported by a long-shot Presidential candidate (Dodd). Proposed as part of reauthorization of an unpopular law (NCLB). Proposed by a group not in favor with their own party (Fordham). Opposed by an unpopular EdSec (Spellings). Proposed right after a big Republican loss (’06). ...

Pop singer Pink (pictured) apparently has a song out now called "Dear Mr. President" that includes the following profound lines about NCLB: Dear Mr. President... How can you say No child is left behind? We're not dumb and we're not blind. They're all sitting in your cells. While you pave the road to hell. Found on a million MySpace pages. UUPDATE: The video is loaded below, by reader request. Apparently it's a good tune. Maybe the AFT or NEA can make it their new fight song. Click below....

Senate to consider bill on student loans AP The debate over whether to cut interest rates on student loans is moving to the Senate after the House voted 356-71 on Wednesday to pass a bill cutting interest rates on need-based student loans in half, from 6.8 to 3.4 percent, over five years. Kennedy scheduled a Senate hearing for next week. Plan to let parents track MySpace profiles met with skepticism USAT North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper says the notification software "really doesn't do enough" to protect children. "You've got 10-, 11- and 12-year-old kids who are on ...


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