Student opens fire at Cleveland school, shoots 4, kills self AP Student opens fire at Cleveland school, shoots 4, kills self. Report Recounts Horrors of Youth Boot Camps NYT Reports of abuse of troubled young people in privately run boot camps and other residential treatment centers are ... Special Ed Tuition Case Ends in Tie Decision Title I Monitor An equally divided U.S. Supreme Court left standing on Oct. 10 an appeals court decision requiring New York City public schools to reimburse for private school tuition the parents of a child with... Noose on Door at Columbia Prompts Campus Protest ...

Wondering why education's great academic minds -- Ravitch, Fuller, Hoxby, Hanushek, Murnane, whomever -- aren't in the fray advising the major presidential contenders like their counterparts in other fields? Me, too. The Education Election blog points to this free article in the Chronicle about campaign advisors who come from academia (Scholars Who Counsel Candidates Wield Power). But there is no mention of education. This means (a) education isn't important enough to have any scholars on board, (b) there aren't any education scholars worth having, (c) the education think tanks have pushed the academics out of the way, or (d) the ...

This week's Carnival of Education is up ("with no further adieu"). Some of the most eye-catching contributions include The Red Pencil on blogs that Carnival Goers read regularly, John from the Teacher Leaders Network tackles the difference between "best practices" and "what works in schools," Great College Advice on why increased accountability won't work at the college level but is perfectly fine for K-12 education, Friends of Dave posts about how badly education news is reported by the press, Scheiss Weekly on the joys of living in the neighborhood where you teach. And many, many more....

One particularly waggish friend asked me earlier today whether Eli Broad had toured New York City's infamous "rubber rooms" before giving the city its prize for urban school reform. I'm guessing not. Samuel Freedman updates on these holding tanks for teachers in today's Times (Where Teachers Sit, Awaiting Their Fates). I think the Voice broke this story before (here). Meanwhile, the school that was originally installed in the main administrative building for the NYC school system has been quietly moved elsewhere, and now disbanded, writes Jennifer Medina (Academy That Symbolized Innovation in Schools Is Closed). Talk about gimmicks -- and ...

Thanks to the folks at National Journal for letting everyone get a free look at Lisa Caruso's fascinating interview with EdSec Spellings (Insider Interview: Improving on '99.9 Percent Pure' (10/09/2007)). As I wrote earlier this morning, there's lots of good stuff in there....


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