It's like a bad episode of "Alias." Mild-mannered researchers working with the USDE are being asked (for the first time, apparently) to fill out investigative reports on themselves and submit to what seems like a security clearance in order to continue their work with the USDE. "We all have to fill out security questionnaires and get background investigations (and credit checks)," writes one such researcher. "It's very invasive and I can't see the purpose of it other than to get as many people as possible into their homeland security database. Basically if you don't fill it out you can't work ...

The Carnival of Education opened today for the hundred and second time at Dr. Homeslice. The Carnival opens with a quote from Dr Martin Luther King and then jumps right on in: Incidents of students impersonating teachers online are rising, especially on Myspace. Brice recounts making a slanderous Myspace page a high school teacher he hated. He also remembers getting caught after doing it. Happy first birthday to NCLBlog over at AFT! A number of key blogosphere types share their favorite posts over the past year from the blog. Kind of like a rockumentary for a blog....

Census: Kids in poverty have less parent time The U.S. Census Bureau report, "A Child's Day: 2003," found American children living in poverty or in single-parent homes have less interaction with their parents and are more likely to have trouble at school than youths in wealthier, two-parent homes. Community colleges aim for more respect CSM Fewer than half of community college students meet their educational goals, and that has a ripple effect in efforts to educate local workforces and make the United States more competitive. Citizen Schools: An After-Hours Adventure EdWeek Launched in Boston in 1994, the ...

Between the New Yorker article (see below) and this one, I guess this is the month for big magazine articles on education, which is great, but unfortunately they're neither of them available online -- or at least not for free. "Hurricane Katrina destroyed one of America’s worst school systems and made New Orleans the nation’s laboratory for educational reform," begins this Atlantic Monthly article by Amy Waldman (Reading, Writing, Resurrection)."But can determined educators and entrepreneurs transcend the damage of the flood—and of history?" If anyone spots it or has a spare copy, please let the rest ...

Prior to January 4, 2007 and the beginning of the 110th Congress, there was only one reason to go to the House Education and Workforce Committee Website - for the schedule of committee hearings. Now, the site has been completely re-vamped. The committee has been renamed the Education and Labor committee (no more "workforce"). The new site has a front-and-center section with the committee's priorities. No Child Left Behind has it's own webpage, with additional pages regarding how the Bush administration has "shortchanged" NCLB and the Reading First scandal. The site also has a comphrensive list of committee staff and ...


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