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Welcome, diligent holiday readers. There won't be much of any blogging today, but if you haven't read the Katherine Boo article in the most recent New Yorker (see this post from Friday to get an overview), that's your MLK Day assignment. (Unfortunately, it's not available online.) Or, if you're feeling nostalgic, watch the YouTube video of MLK's I Have A Dream speech: Or, if you want to learn a little bit about modern-day civil rights politics, you can check out this article via the Huffington Post on how Barack Obama is getting a cool reception from civil rights groups....

Thanks to everyone who's offered congratulations (and even criticisms) this past week or so and helped make sure folks knew how to find me in my new home (so far, so good). These include Joanne Jacobs Free-linking and thinking by Joanne Jacobs NCLB: Let's Get it Right! The Education Wonks "The time has come," the Walrus said..."--- Lewis Carroll Sherman DormnWork to understand how schools have been social institutions Intercepts A listening post monitoring education and teachers' unions. School Me! Adventures in education Education news, analysis, and commentary. Thanks also to Jeanne McCann and the rest of ...

If you want to give yourself a real weekend treat, pick up a copy of this week's New Yorker and check out Katherine Boo's long feature on efforts to turn around the Denver Public School system and improve the lives of some Latino students at the infamous Manual High School. The piece, called Expectations, looks like the usual in-depth and insightful work we get from Boo, albeit all too infrequently. (I like to think that, given time and space, I could do as good a job as this (or Paul Tough's recent NYT Magazine piece), but it may well be ...

Longtime readers of this site know that education is a business, with billions in transactions that involve vendors, management companies, consultants, and universities. Pretending that it's not -- that "public education" is entirely public and that there's a bright line between it and the private sector except for vouchers or charters -- doesn't do anyone any good in the long run. It just means you don't know what's really going on, for better or worse. This concludes the sermon. Click below if you want to read about a tiny online publisher buying a giant old-school publisher, about tech deals gone ...


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