Earlier this week, I told you about a new Gates/Broad Foundation initiative to bring education to the forefront during the upcoming elections. Well, it turns out that it's true -- and that it was first reported in a squib in US News: Job No. 1: Fixing Public Schools Sen. John Kerry isn't the only rich guy campaigning against the woes of education. But Microsoft's Bill Gates and KB Home's Eli Broad, along with their combined foundations, are doing it with more diplomacy and fewer insults. We hear that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Broad Foundation have ...

Michigan: University to Comply With Ruling NYTThe University of Michigan acceded to a federal appeals court decision and said it would immediately comply with the state's new ban on affirmative action. In Education Debate, Congress Must Talk Money NPR One of the issues the new Congress will deal with is the renewal of the No Child Left Behind Act. Commentator Andrew Rotherham says that any reconsideration of education legislation will need to consider changes in the way it is funded. Teacher fired over artwork APAn art teacher whose off-hours work as a so-called "butt-printing artist" became widely circulated among high ...

Dear EdWeek Readers -- Welcome. As you'll quickly see, this blog is informal, constantly updated, and full of comments and speculation -- totally unlike the carefully reported and balanced journalism on the rest of the EdWeek site. And that's what makes it interesting --irreverent but still basically responsible insights on the world of education. I've posted some entries from earlier in the week (below) so you can see what's been happening over the past busy week or so. Like in an email, newer entries are towards the top. There are usually three to five new posts a day, starting with ...

I Thought a Think hosted this week's Carnival of Education - Dalmation style. Featuring a picture of a Dalmation, the Carnival begins by highlighting the Carnival's home site, The Education Wonks: "EdWonk, the founder and patron saint of the Carnival of Education, leads us off with this pressing question: is wetting your pants an arrestable offense?"...

Sitting in a DuPont Circle Starbucks, who do I run into but former LAUSD superintendent (and CO Gov) Roy Romer, making cell phone calls across from me. He wants to know what I'm doing with a laptop attached to a digital camera (you all know the answer to that one). I want to know what he's doing in town besides going to the NAF event (see below). Turns out Romer is getting set up to head a Gates/Broad initiative to make sure education gets a substantial and meaningful bit of attention in the 2008 election cycle. You read it ...


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