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I didn't want to like the HBO documentary on the Little Rock Nine that's been playing over and over, and had been avoiding it (and most of the rest of the 50th anniversary coverage) thinking that I'd seen the footage before, knew that things hadn't changed that much, etc. But the documentary (see segment above) spends most of its time following current students, and there's power in seeing the nearly complete (though not particularly hostile) segregation and disparate academic experiences that are still there. Here's a NYT review of the show. Check it out....

Everyone hates conservative columnist Ann Coulter right now (she recently joked that perhaps women shouldn't get to vote). But she did write something a little funnier in her new book: "“President George W. Bush is evidently the first mentally retarded person to get a Harvard M.B.A., graduate from the U.S. Air Force Flight School, be elected governor of Texas and then be elected President of the United States twice. I Guess that's what they call 'mainstreaming.'” Yikes....

Colorado has been keeping two sets of books, says the Denver Post -- one for the feds, the other for its own state ranking system (State's "No Child" rank challenged). Meanwhile, the Washington Post shows how DC-area schools are making (or not) AYP in all sorts of ways (Required 'Yearly Progress' Difficult to Determine). Clearly, NCLB should be made more complicated. Meanwhile out in the Midwest, the St. Louis Tribune highlights the weak effects of vouchers on the rest of the Milwaukee school system (Voucher-Supported Private Schools Do Not Improve Public Counterparts). There's competition for you. The most interesting of ...

Finishing out what's been an informal TFA Week, TAPPED's Dana Goldstein puts it pretty well: "It feels heartless to criticize a program that's, well, so good-hearted...But while it appears that TFA is very effective at connecting business leaders and young professionals with the public school reform movement and imbuing them with a sense of commitment toward public education, it's unlikely TFA is impacting student achievement in any broadly-defined way." Meanwhile, in The Economist: "It will be hard for even a corps of 10,000 teachers to have a large impact in a country that has 3m teachers in public ...


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