Edwards' education plan is a good one, says the Ed Sector's Kevin Carey, except for just one crazy idea (Super Tutors). Denver can learn some lessons about closing schools from what other cities have done, says Schools For Tomorrow's Van Schoales (Closure lessons from other districts). TFA is a great place to start a career, says BusinessWeek via EdWize (Teacher News of the Day). Exactly. Refomers should stop making such a big deal out of New Orleans, says Eduwonk (A Little Less New Orleans?). Jenny D says that it won't be long before there's a US Department Of Education "blog" (Been...

Forget those puny authorizing committees -- it's all about budget and appropriations. That's where the money (and an awful lot of policymaking) happens. That's why New America is holding an event today on the latest FY 2008 spending developments, featuring the House budget committee's Barbara Chow and New America's Heather Rieman (right)....

The Washington Post features the new Fordham Foundation study showing low expectations and disparities among 26 states standards especially at the younger ages (Varying Standards May Hurt 'No Child' ). Ditto for AP, albeit with a slightly different focus (State Reading Tests Deemed Easier). USA Today goes with the Sputnik anniversary (Sputnik heralded space race, focus on learning). Over on PBS, the NewsHour focuses on New Orleans' new superintendent, Paul Vallas (New Orleans School Chief Tackles Rebuilding Shattered System). Last but not least, MSNBC goes with the Ohio lawmaker whose lesson on the legislative process inadvertently included a slide showing a ...

The same day that the national teachers union AFT announced that it was supporting Hillary Clinton for president, the Chicago local announced that it was going with the local guy: Barack Obama. Here's the announcement -- what do you think? "United States Senator and Presidential Candidate Barack Obama picked up a major labor union endorsement today as members of the Chicago Teachers Union’s House of Delegates voted to endorse him for President in the upcoming primary. “Senator Obama is Illinois’ favorite son and a good friend of teachers, paraprofessionals and labor. We want to show him our appreciation and ...

I wish Slate had taken my piece about Al Shanker (How Al Shanker Blew Up No Child Left Behind) instead of Sara Mosle's recent review, but I'm happy to report that Mosle and I make some of the same points. For example, that Shanker's work unionizing teachers affects nearly every classroom teacher to this day. ("Today, there isn't a teacher in America whose life hasn't been touched by Shanker's own.") But we disagree about his legacy, in that Mosle (The Man Who Transformed American Education) gives more credit to Shanker for his ideas and "prescience" than I do. Journalists and ...


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