Our Schools Must Do Better NYT (Bob Herbert) The U.S. has not yet faced up to the fact that it needs a school system capable of fulfilling the educational needs of children growing up in an era that will be at least as different from the 20th century as the 20th was from the 19th. The cost of killing education reform Long Beach Press-Telegram This could be the end of the line for No Child Left Behind. And some educators couldn't be happier...Public schools have, for generations, crafted an environment that caters to the needs and wants of ...

"The secretary and the veteran Democratic congressman made a bit of an odd couple in the school, also known as the Harriet Tubman School, which is in his district, just steps from his local office...But to hear her explain it, the success of schools is as much a part of national security as, say, negotiations with the Iraqi government." (From Capitol to Halls of the Nation’s Future NYT)...

National companies cash in with charters where the kids learn at home Las Vegas Sun Gathered by the pool at a Las Vegas community center, the parents and students swapped horror stories. Via EdNews. Rethinking e-monitoring after progress report LA Times A looming C on a midsemester assessment makes one mother take another look at computerized school programs that allow parents to track what's going on in the classroom. PLUS: Computer Glitch Affects L.A. Teacher Pay NPR. Girls Are Often Neglected Victims of Concussions NYT Girls playing high school sports are more susceptible to concussions than boys in the ...

Be sure to check out the PBS NewsHour tonight, which will include a segment on Michelle Rhee that attempts to balance the hopes and expectations for her success with the realities of the situation in DC and her relative inexperience at the job....

"Disaggregation is the key to comparability," writes former Miller staffer Charlie Barone in a new analysis of NCLB then and now. "Comparability is the key to assessing equal opportunity. Equal opportunity is the key to closing achievement gaps."...


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