I read them (so you don't have to): Local control sucks! Schools For Tomorrow There, I said it. The kids love Obama Education Election Obama and John Edwards said in last week's New Hampshire debate that they would be comfortable reading the book "King and King," which has same-sex relationships as a theme, to their young children and would support its use as part of a school curriculum. Evolution of Complexity AFT Blog It seems that NCLB 2.0 is adhering to the principles of evolution--it's getting more complex, but I'm not sure it's a higher level organism. Teachers vs. ...

"A recent incident at the elementary school on the Grambling State University campus that resulted in a noose hanging around a small child's neck has left university officials scrambling for answers. Grambling State University President Horace Judson was driving to Dallas on Friday afternoon for the Saturday football game between GSU and Prairie View when his secretary called him, describing certain pictures that had been posted online by the student newspaper, The Gramblinite."...

In China, of course -- not in time to help the women's World Cup team (they lost on Friday to Brazil) but rather to help out with that whole Special Olympics thing....

September's big education stories are sliced and diced by stalwart journalists Greg Toppo, Stephanie Banchero, and Jay Mathews in the first "Month In Review" of the 2007-2008 school year. It's nearly 30 minutes of banter and insight (featuring super lo-fi sound quality and even more amateurish than ever hosting by me): Download audio0907.mp3.mp3...

For the last three weeks the NEA and most of the news coverage (for example here) have been referring to the merit pay provisions in George Miller's NCLB plan as "mandatory," but on Friday the Center on American Progress think tank put out a fact sheet claiming that the requirements are voluntary (and that Miller is not against collective bargaining). Who's right? It's hard to say. After all, NCLB itself could be described as voluntary -- states don't have to take the money and implement its rules -- but in reality it's not that way (states need the money). Still, ...


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