School struggles under rising federal standards San Deigo Union Tribune Two years ago, NCLB forced Principal Sylvia Gonzalez to replace 70 percent of her teachers at Balboa Elementary School in southern San Diego. Missouri Cited for Accountability Breakdown Title I Monitor The state of Missouri was forced to put more than 150 school districts in improvement — with dozens of schools undergoing further sanctions — after a U.S. Department of Education... LAUSD mulls fees for youth groups LA Times The money would help ease the budget, officials say. Parents -- who might have to pay extra -- could choose not to ...

Read These First Needed: Better NCLB Politics -- Not More Policy Why Teach For America? Think Tank Hires Republican Education Staffer With Cool Glasses NCLB News Who Knew NCLB Was So Well-Liked? Better Politics -- Not More Policy Renaming NCLB Critic Explains Internal Union Dynamics Teachers & Teaching Why Teach For America? A Teacher's Thoughts In The New York Times Campaign 2008 What Happens On Education When Hillary Wins The Nomination? Edwards Turns To Education To Try And Get Traction Plural Speech Gaffes For Bush Think Tanks and Foundations Think Tank Hires Republican Education Staffer With Cool Glasses Deborah Bial: An ...

Remember the headline about Teach For America that came out in The Onion a couple of years ago (TFA Chews Up, Spits Out Another Ethnic-Studies Major)? Well, TFA’s come a long way since then, but it is no less frustratingly problematic. According to a new article (Why Teach For America) in the Sunday New York Times Magazine, the original TFA was small and marked by its idealism and its focus on getting bright people into classrooms and doing some immediate good for poor children. The “new” TFA is much much larger and features corporate-style recruiting efforts and a hyper-aggressive ...

September has come and almost gone in a flurry. As last year, I'm doing a monthly audio roundtable with education reporters on the big stories of the month, etc. We just taped it earlier today, and I'll post it on Monday. In the meantime, start thinking what you think the biggest story of the month was -- Miller's NCLB proposal or the NAEP results or something else? -- or who you think this month's biggest winners and losers were -- Kozol, Shanker, New York City? And then tune in Monday to see what veteran reporters from the Washington Post, USA ...

Want to get a jump start on your weekend reading? Check out the new NYT Sunday Magazine -- out a little early online -- that includes an article on TFA (Why Teach For America) and a James Traub article on the Collegiate Learning Assessment pilot to measure the effects of college on student learning (here). Traub used to write about education all the time and he is much missed. Still, I wish there was some more hard-hitting stuff -- this looks from first glance like a glossy version of the Education Life section -- but that's just because I don't ...


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