Schools, colleges underreport crime Schools and colleges across the country do not report crime and violent incidents on campus consistently or accurately. Via Parents seek ban for 7th grade book Chicago Tribune Several dozen parents at a Southwest Side Chicago public school are calling for school officials to ban a controversial book they say is filled with references to sex and violence. Alumna Gives $128 Million to High School NYT Events originating in Warren E. Buffett’s rejection from Harvard Business School have led to a gift to a Quaker private school that dwarfs some college ...

Back in the day, it seemed like the Children's Defense Fund was the advocacy organization when it came to kids. They didn't focus just on school reform, but they had a small education shop and were pretty much everywhere on this set of issues. You hardly hear anything about them starting in the early 1990s. They'd gotten so weak on school issues at least by 2001 that the Bush administration was able to steal the motto, "No child left behind," that CDF had apparently coined. I don't know why I care -- I'm sure we'd disagree on NCLB, and/or ...

When the prospects for renewal of the federal education law known as No Child Left Behind (NCLB) blew up during a marathon Congressional hearing a week ago, there was no shortage of ready explanations. But the real, underlying cause is simple: It was Al Shanker's fault. Click below to continue...or go here to read the full-length version from The Huffington Post....

Here's my incomplete and completely unverified list of campaign education staffers for the top Dem. presidential candidates: HRC: Catherine Brown (with Mildred Otero in the Senate office) JRE: James Kvaal (from the Senate office) Obama: Cassandra Butts (with Steve Robinson in the Senate office) Thanks for any additions or corrections....

Not that I haven't hyped them myself -- DFER is a fascinating concept (a PAC for pro-charter, pro-accountability Dems) and Joe Williams is a nice guy -- but let's let them actually do something (help Obama beat Clinton?) before we give them way too much attention and credit. Right now, DFER makes KIPP and Green Dot -- previous subjects of the Hype Alert -- look like accomplished veterans. Or let's at least ask them tougher questions than what their positions are: how much money do they have, how much have they given out, and to whom? What are their priority ...


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