Here's the video that everyone's watching, in which a confrontational student is eventually tasered by campus security after begging not to be: You know you want to see it.... has two more blogs online now, a campaign-oriented one (Campaign K-12) and a business-oriented one (edbizbuzz). Congrats, condolences....

"The story begins at an assembly last fall, when a black freshman asked if he was allowed to sit under a large tree on school grounds that he had heard was "whites-only." From The Nation, via School of Blog. UPDATE: Presidential candidate Barack Obama is being called out for his mild response to the Jena students being arrested (Politico)....

Erik Robelen's piece in EdWeek on small schools research recaps and deepens what most of us realized a few years ago: converting big high schools into small ones without making them truly autonomous doesn't necessarily get you very much, and there are tremendous pressures against autonomy in that kind of setting. That's what the Gates folks learned the hard way. Etc. None of it worth noting except then it occurred to me that the highly-anticipated (though not quite done) breakup of Locke HS in LA into Green Dot schools is in many ways just the same thing, except that the ...

He must be on his way to sainthood -- I can't find any imperfections here: From Microsoft case to NY schools. Previous Klein-related posts here and here...


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