Nearly everywhere you go in New York you run into new teachers who joined the NYC Teaching Fellows program -- the city's version of TFA, I guess -- teaching for the first time and taking grad school courses at night. And nearly everywhere you go you'll find that they complain mightily -- about the lame courses they have to take, and about the schools where they're placed lacking support. Now there's a book and a new report out on the topic. The book, Great Expectations, is reviewed in today's New York Sun. The new report, from Fordham, has the usual ...

This Newsweek article about candidates' competing for staffers for their campaigns reminded me that it's been a while since I last asked around about who's covering education for the campaigns. As I recall, MaryEllen McGuire had moved from Dodd's committee staff to the campaign, and there were some folks moonlighting for Obama from the Center on American Progress. But that was about it. No "big" names jumping in early in order to get a plum job in the next administration. Not that working on education for a campaign is as much of a big deal as some folks like to ...

Check it out. The three guys who started Blue Man Group -- you know, the ones that everyone knows from the Intel and iPod ads -- are starting their own school in New York City (Cool for School). Speaking of strange new schools in New York, here's another one: Ghetto Film School (NYT). Mr. Hall said that in addition to a core curriculum of standard academic subjects, the school would offer electives like screenwriting, film history and production....

Kozol holds fast to 'No Child' protest USA Today The former teacher and author of books such as Savage Inequalities says he has lost 29 pounds on a mostly liquid diet. As Duties Grow, Principals Face Mounting Pressures NPR Faced with a principal shortage, many districts are creating mentoring programs to train their own talent, but the programs are showing mixed results. Reading, Writing and Internet Safety NPR Virginia is the first state to require public schools to teach Internet safety. Hooked on mnemonics Christian Science Monitor How I "learned" Spanish in a weekend by free association....

Friday's National Journal story ("Schoolyard Quarrel" -- subscription required) is the first piece I've really paid attention to from reporter Lisa Caruso, who recently moved over from the lobbyist beat to help cover education. She gives prominent placement to DFER -- the new kid on the block -- and to one of their main notions, which is that the teachers unions are a special interest group that doesn't represent what's good for kids. But the special interests / legitimacy argument goes both ways,as union leaders like to point out. Not all the "testing hawks" -- civil rights groups that favor ...


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