Alabama Plan Brings Out Cry of Resegregation NYT fter white parents in this racially mixed city complained about school overcrowding, school authorities set out to draw up a sweeping rezoning plan. The results: all but a handful of the hundreds of students required to move this fall were black — and many were sent to virtually all-black, low-performing schools. Rookie Chicago Principal Faces Early Challenges NPR Like Chicago, many other school systems across the country are facing the same turnover, as baby boomer principals near retirement age. And for the rookie principals, challenges come early and often. Raising the Scores: For ...

There seems to be no end of the positive press that EdSec Spellings is able to muster, even now with her efforts to revamp NCLB seemingly in shambles. Here Washington Whispers -- which only last week reported that she was going to run for Governor in Texas -- mysteriously decides that a ho-hum trip to Cleveland is worthy of not only a mention but an illustration....

Campaign 2008 Educating Elected Officials Through Their Pocketbooks Richardson Slammed For Misrepresenting US Achievement The Great Presidential Mashup "Cheat Sheet" Bush Administration Spellings Playing For A Stalemate? Neil Bush's School Scam: The "Other" USDE Scandal Kanye West Song Might Make Good Anthem For Ed In '08 NCLB News How The NEA Ended Up So Opposed To Miller/McKeon All Children Shall Be Proficient By, Well, Whenever "No Able-Bodied Student Left Behind" Teachers & Teaching Short Boys Underestimated By Teachers Teachers With Richer Kids Earn More Under Performance Pay Mahatma Kozol Foundation Follies George Miller Needs New Friends...Like The Ed Sector ...

Beat reporters and their sources have ongoing and highly symbiotic relationships that must yet exhibit a certain amount of distance in order to be healthy and good (ie, providing balanced news coverage). That's why, at the end of this post, EdWeek's David Hoff tries to make clear that -- however admiring his sources may be towards him (as I have noted) -- to him they're just sources, no one more important than the other....

If you're not already sick of the NEA-Miller story, there's a new Klein-Hoff EdWeek piece up online today that fleshes out some of the events of the past week. Included are not only the whole he-said, she-said about the TEACH Act language that you probably already know, but also some interesting tidbits like how the NEA made sure to have folks from each of the House ed committee members' districts at the Monday hearing, the toe-the-NEA-line responses of some Dem House members about the issue. That leaves two questions: Why did Miller include the merit stuff in the first place, ...


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