Whether or not Democrats For Education Reform (DFER) is ready to do battle at this level is not really known, but give them credit for trying. Attached is Joe Williams' email calling on reform-minded Democrats and their supporters to "stand up to the CTA and NEA goons who are out to strip everything that is good and pure from NCLB" (made up quote --joking!). The only thing that gives DFER any real chance here is that they have a PAC -- perhaps their main innovation on the school reform advocacy front -- to which they hope you will contribute. They ...

Congrats to the good folks at EdWeek.org for being named finalists in the annual online journalism awards put out earlier this week. Besides hosting this blog (a decision they almost instantly regretted), EdWeek.org does lots of other great stuff, including web updates, the new AP wire service clips, and all the rest. Here's the story that won them recognition in their category. The Orlando Sentinel is also up for its series on charter schools sucking....

I guess pretty much everything is on the table, since according to the fat cats at the AFT blog who can afford Ed Daily there's apparently been some talk about loosening the 2014 proficiency targets that have made -- or muddled -- NCLB for so long. It seems like the AFTies think it's a good idea. Hmm. I may be thinking about this too simplistically, but what does doing that get you, substantively or politically? Miller did everything short of that, and his unholy alliance of business, conservative, and civil rights supporters broke up over it. Still the teachers weren't ...

'Students First In Line' Program To Offer Job Training At Needy Schools Stolen from Alan Gottlieb's Schools For Tomorrow blog....

The good folks at FactCheck.org point out that presidential candidate Bill Richardson "keeps claiming U.S. students rank 29th in math and science, but they score better than that." He also says that we used to be Number One. Oops! Double oops!. See also here for a post about other education-related claims made by Richardson that have been challenged....


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