Sick of being told that scores are going up when you think they're really not? Well the cat is soon out of the bag, for 11 big urban districts at least (Atlanta; Austin, Texas; Boston; Charlotte, N.C.; Chicago; Cleveland; Houston; Los Angeles; New York; San Diego; and Washington, D.C.). A couple weeks from now the latest reading and math scores are coming out for some of the country's biggest districts. Called the urban NAEP, or TUDA, the new data will include trend lines going back to 2003, linked to NAEP. Based on NAEP data, not all of the ...

Within the next few hours (or days, as the case may be), this blog is going to move to a new home on another site. I'm going to keep posting here for a little while longer until things are ready over there but just wanted to let you know. An opportunity presented itself and I decided to make the move. It's been great working with the folks, most especially the site's ME, Jeanne McCann, who has been incredibly helpful and patient. (We bloggers are a temperamental lot, it turns out.) And of course Ginny Edwards, the head honcho. ...

Hello, India? I Need Help With My Math NYT In a new wave of the global outsourcing of services, personal chores are moving offshore, and this is leading to some daunting challenges, both economic and cultural. On Education: Classroom of the Future Is Virtually Anywhere NYT There is no blackboard and no lectern, and, most glaringly, no students in the university classroom of the future. With World Growing Smaller, IB Gets Big EdWeek Amid heightened concern about preparing students for a global economy, the academically demanding International Baccalaureate program is catching on fast in U.S. schools....

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Standardized high school exit exams put states to the test USA Today Twenty-two states have some type of exit exams; four are phasing them in. But the tests are proving controversial. Maryland has delayed exams by two years. The state Board of Education meets today and Wednesday to decide whether to move the date again. School Issues Vary on States’ Ballots EdWeek Voters will decide some notable education- and child-related questions when they go to the polls next month. Elementary Absenteeism AP Absenteeism among children in the early-elementary grades is highest in kindergarten and has a positive correlation with poverty, ...


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