Those pesky reporters may not seem like much, but mess with them and you might get embarassed. A Kentucky principal was forced to apologize after banning a reporter from a school event. The reporter had covered a racial incident at the school, displeasing the administrator. Via Romenesko....

Having failed to make the school transfer provision a high-profile issue and feeling shut out of the reauthorization process, author and advocate Jonathan Kozol (whose book Shame Of A Nation was a big seller last year) has now resorted to a partial fast in protest of the law. Read all about it on the Huffington Post (Why I am Fasting: An Explanation to My Friends)....

I'm still not exactly sure how, in the carefully-choreographed no surprises world of Congressional hearings, there were actually a couple of mildly unexpected developments at yesterday's monster NCLB gabfest: the CTA's media campaign against the Miller draft (see previous post below) and the late-breaking flareup with Reg Weaver over merit pay (that's why the teachers didn't go first, eh?). The AP has that one covered here, via EdWeek. You can check out the long list of speakers and download their testimony here. You can watch the whole six hours of testimony here. Things get fun at around the 5:23 ...

Albert Lang, formerly of Communication Works, is moving over to PEN and will soon be taking over the reins of the PEN NewsBlast, which Howie Schaffer founded and turned into such a behemoth. Congrats, condolences....

Teachers and Rights Groups Oppose Education Measure NYT A draft House bill to renew the federal No Child Left Behind law came under sharp attack from civil rights groups and the nation’s largest teacher unions. PLUS: NCLB Reauthorization now a "war" DFER States Move Toward Closer Scrutiny of Preschools EdWeek States move forward on efforts to certify early-childhood programs according to how well graduates perform in kindergarten. Male teacher ranks at 40-year low Newsweek Stereotyping, low pay, lack of role models. Why the number of men teaching in schools is at a 40-year low....


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