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There'll be no public education for Angelina Jolie's son, according to Just Jared (Momgelina ‘n Maddox Pandemonium). Instead, little Maddox is going to an $18,000-per year private French school instead....

There was a little too much speechifying and not enough informal talking at the latest DFER happy hour, but the drinks were free and the attendees were an interesting mix of current and former educationistas. LEFT: Some notables (pictured, left to right) included the DOE's Laura Smith, school finance guru Kent Anker, and DFER's Joe Williams. RIGHT: I also met Eddie Rodriguez, who just left the DOE to run an AP incentive program, and Christina Brown, who does charter school facilities stuff for Civic Builders, and Josh Greenman (not pictured), who writes editorials for the New York Daily News. I ...

Following up on Amy Waldman's excellent look at New Orleans schools (School Reform Hurricane), here are two contrasting views of how things are shaping up this fall: The Greatest Education Lab - TIME Hurricane Katrina washed away what was one of the nation's worst school systems and opened the path for energetic reformers who want to make New Orleans a laboratory of new ideas for urban schools . History and Ideology Gang Up in New Orleans Dissent New Orleans now has three “systems”: NOPS, with a handful of previously pretty good schools still functioning reasonably well; RSD, with approximately twenty schools, ...

More interested in what happens next on the teacher quality front? Check out the latest discussion draft from the Miller camp, which includes Title II and all the rest: View the text of the Title II draft View the text of the Title III-Title IX draft View the summary of this draft I can't wait to hear what you think. UPDATE: That didn't take long. EdWeek summarizes here ("The draft proposal also would keep intact most of the current NCLB law’s reporting requirements on whether teachers are “highly qualified” and add new requirements that states identify the districts and ...


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