Check out this report comparing newspapers and magazines on various features of web capabilities. You might think that magazines -- more entertaining, creative, and all than newspapers -- were more blog-savvy, but they lag behind newspapers still. The good news? More and more are creating blogs to feed their readers' voracious appetites for new content....

"Anyone who's ever been to a wedding knows not everybody can stand up in front of a roomful of people and just talk. Anthony Pico (left) discovered by accident, at 15, that he has a gift for doing that. He's 18 now, and he's become so well known as a public speaker on the subject of foster care, which he knows well, he was appointed to a blue ribbon commission aiming to reform the largest foster care system in the country. But it's gotten complicated...," begins this segment from a recent episode of This American Life ( Mr. Successful). "In the ...

Thanks to the Ed Trust, here's a PDF of the Spellings letter to Miller that she promised yesterday, listing problems she and others have with the M&M discussion draft. Speaking of which, Miller said that Title II and the rest would be posted sometime today, which will help us see whether the teacher quality elements of NCLB are going to be strengthened or -- is such a thing possible? -- weakened. (There's a nod to teacher quality in the form of an attempt to close the equitability loophole in Miller's Title I proposal, according to EdWeek's David Hoff, but ...

Way back at the beginning of 2006, EdSec Spellings was apparently called into the Oval Office to give counsel on what to do about former Defense Secretary Don Rumsfeld -- and she recommended his termination, according to this book excerpt sent in by a friend. Who knew? Not that it made much difference. He resigned the day after the November elections. But at least we know she voted the right way....

See other posts for NCLB reauthorization coverage. States investing more in Pre-K education Boston Globe In just the past few months, governors and lawmakers from more than a dozen states have sealed deals to spend far more public money on childhood education. Blacks in suburbs failing Md. exams Baltimore Sun Minority students, especially African-Americans, are struggling to pass the exams. The School Cafeteria, on a Diet NYT School districts across the country have been taking steps to make food in schools healthier, but some parents say they are taking it too far. Kids have real-life problems too Los Angeles Times ...


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