Former US News education editor Ben Wildavsky reviews the latest group of education books so you don't have to. He finds some things to like about Linda Perlstein's Tested, though he questions whether the school she profiles is representative. "Could it be that the problem is not the tests but the inappropriate, even absurd, ways in which schools are responding to them?" About Jonathan Kozol's Letters To A Young Teacher, Wildavsky doesn't have much good to say. Also reviewed: Dan Brown's story of a first-year teacher in New York, as well as Alex Klein's profile of kids at Stuyvesant High ...

EdSec Spellings is giving a little speech this morning to business leaders and talking to reporters about where things go next (with Miller and McKeon expected to be there as well). She's trying to bolster the notion that NCLB's goals are achievable -- seven years is a long way off, she says, and state standards aren't that high. Making the law more flexible shouldn't dilute it too much -- or make it too complicated. Delaying reauthorization means no changes to the current law, and no increase in funding. "Grade-level learning is not too much to ask," says Spellings. And she ...

With Start of a New School Year, Excitement and Jitters NYT Ask kids what they feel about the first day of school, and they’ll tell it from the heart. Humble Origins, Influential Posts Shape Views of New Gates Chief EdWeek Vicki L. Phillips is often described as a decisive leader with a deep understanding of education and the political savvy to advance an agenda. Charter School Network Founder Indicted Washington Post The founder of one of California's largest charter school networks was indicted Tuesday on 113 felony counts and accused of siphoning millions in public school funds, prosecutors said. ...

While everyone in Washington debates NCLB changes, back in the real world teachers and principals and districts are trying to figure out what to do to make things better. Check out Stephanie Banchero's three-part account in the Chicago Tribune of what happened at one Chicago school where they brought in new teachers rather than closing the school or converting it to a charter. Part 1: They needed a lifeline and found a teacher. Part 2: Teacher, kids connect, but pressure takes toll. Part 3: Sweating out final days. Some folks will like it for the storytelling, which includes vivid characters ...

In a cross between Van Halen's old video, Hot For Teacher, and the old school rap song called Baby Got Back, Carl's Junior has a somewhat offensive ad out in which two students describe the virtues of flat buns -- burger buns, of course -- while a teacher/stripper writhes on her desk. Probably not suitable for work....


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