Iraq veteran sues over school job Sacramento Bee A soldier who served a tour of duty in Iraq and Kuwait claims that the Sacramento City Unified School District failed to give him his job back when he came home in July 2006, according to a federal complaint. Via Democrats Try to Soften Bush’s Education Law NYT Leading Democrats are struggling for the formula that can attract bipartisan support to extend the life of President Bush’s education law, No Child Left Behind. No-Excuses Leadership for the Schools Washington Post (commentary) We seem to have entered a season ...

Away from it all for a few days or even more these past few weeks? Me, too. To get you caught up in no time, here's a brief and highly selective guide to what you missed (not that much, actually): Back To School It's that time of year. NCLB Reauthorization Wall to wall coverage of the Miller proposal. Urban Education Where the action's at -- or at least the kids. Teachers & Teaching Can't live with 'em, can't do much without 'em. Books, Journalism, Blogs Lots about Linda Perlstein's book, and good blogging tips. School Life Not just the news of ...

Tips for starting the school year rightChristian Science Monitor Veteran teacher and author Coleen Fitzpatrick has advice for teachers and parents. Record Enrollment Is Projected, But Trend VariesEdWeek Schools in the West and the South will receive more students, while schools in the Midwest and the Northeast will experience a decline. PIC Trials and Tribulations of the New School YearCarnival Of Education Mrs. Bluebird spent a chunk of her third full day of school outside the building. Fire drill? Nope, real emergency....

An astonishing look at NCLB Jay Mathews This is the best book ever written about No Child Left Behind. In the trenches with US educators Slate Strangely, perhaps, the spectacle of obsessive administrators and anxious teachers in the trenches presented by both Perlstein and Klein just might help buttress a field that could use some defeminizing. Williams' First Law of Blogging Intercepts Joe Williams of Democrats For Education Reform gives some crucial advice about blogging....

Parallel PlayNew Yorker My second-grade teacher never liked me much, and one assignment I turned in annoyed her so extravagantly that the red pencil with which she scrawled “See me!” broke through the lined paper. Are your jeans sagging? Go directly to jail NYT The latest legislative efforts have taken a different tack, drawing on indecency laws, and their success is inspiring lawmakers in other states. High schooler pulls off ultimate prank vs. rivals MSNBC A high school student who tricked football fans from a crosstown rival into holding up signs that together spelled out, “We Suck,” was suspended for ...


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