Teachers Grapple with Attaining Education Law's Goals PBS NewsHour John Merrow's series looks at how some of the country's best teachers are dealing with the No Child Left Behind law. Reading Curricula Don'™t Make Cut for Federal Review EdWeek None of the most popular commercial reading programs on the market had sufficiently rigorous studies to be included in the review by the clearinghouse. [Reading Recovery did.] ACT participation hits record USA Today Most striking, perhaps, is the sharp increase in the number of minority students who take the ACT: 17.6 percent more black students and 23.4 percent ...

Not that letters from academics usually make much difference, especially when they're on the other side ideologically from the folks making the decisions, but here's a letter from Hoover Institute researcher Erik Hanushek from last week that was sent along to me, in which he tells Chairman Miller what a bad idea multiple measures, writ large, are for school improvement. PDF here. Keep sending those letters and secret memos in....

Catching up on the education blogs: Mike Antonucci thinks that that the NEA may be censoring its own blog (The Mystery of the Missing Link). Scott Elliott addresses the age-old achievement gap question: Is it racist to track minority group scores?. The BoardBuzz likes the ACT news: Good news for American high schools. Eduwonk reminds us that there's a good NYT column to read today: Dillon On Barber. The AFT Blog derides the notion that the Newark kids might have been saved by vouchers: And vouchers will cure the common cold, too. Joe Williams has pennant fever: Baseball and Education ...

One of departing Bush advisor Karl Rove's most recent interviews includes the claim that NCLB is "coming through" (Roundtable with Karl Rove Seattle Times). No big surprise there that he'd say that, but it does make you wonder if Rove's departure will have any impact on NCLB reauthorization. Rove had a soft spot for EdSec Spellings, if the rumors are true, and was certainly part of the first administration folks who are likely to be most loyal to the law. Maybe others have already addressed this....

Forced to Pick a Major in High School NYT A high school in New Jersey is requiring students to declare a major as freshmen. School Districts Find Loopholes in No Child Left Behind Law PBS School districts are getting around certain requirements of the No Child Left Behind law by setting the bar measuring student progress low in the beginning. PLUS: Failing San Diego Schools Work to Meet Standards PBS Grants Given for Nonexistent Students Washington Post The D.C. school system received almost $4 million in federal funds for educating migrant children when it did not have any, city ...


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