I'm taking a couple of days off, so there's no morning roundup or obscure links to current events for you here right now. I'm sure you'll do fine without me. I tried to get Brad Pitt and Paris Hilton to cover for me, but they were busy. See you Wednesday Thursday!...

Today is Katherine McLane's last day as Press Secretary for the EdSec, she says. Heading back to Austin to work for the Lance Armstrong Foundation is the given reason. Time to go may be the implicit one. Interim press secty will be Samara Yudof. Mclane was in the job just over a year, according to this press release. Want to know more? Check out her astrology reading from Capitol Weekly. Congrats, condolences to McLane and Yudof....

First off, don't think you have to pay good money to read yesterday's big Wall Street Journal article on universal preschool. It's all here for free (As States Tackle Poverty, Preschool Gets High Marks). Once there, you'll see that the piece deals more forthrightly than most with questions about the hype surrounding UPK, and brings up the often-ignored issue of Head Start. (If UPK is such a great and transformative idea -- so much so that Hillary Clinton wants to nationalize it -- how come Head Start hasn't done the trick and is being bypassed?) The article also highlights the ...

I still haven't read Linda Perlstein's new book, Tested, but USA Today's Greg Toppo has, and he asks Perlstein a few questions here ('Tested' examines difficult choices). In the interview, Perlstein decries the current school environment, in which there is "one world where students pass the test as a matter of course and get to write poems, and another where children write paragraphs about poems." But she doesn't really explain why a rudimentary education is such a bad thing, compared to not being able to read and write. This is the fundamental question for those judging NCLB: do we compare ...

As States Tackle Poverty, Preschool Gets High Marks WSJ It took a well-orchestrated campaign to put pre-K on the top of political agendas -- and new tactics that didn't rely on do-gooder rhetoric. Dodd Outlines K-12 Education Plan EdWeek Democratic presidential hopeful Chris Dodd planned to unveil his ideas Thursday morning at the National Education Association of New Hampshire meeting in Bartlett, N.H. Same-Gender Cleveland Schools Slow to Get Applicants Cleveland.com The highly touted single-gender academies opening later this month in Cleveland haven't made much of a splash yet with parents. District's Ex-Charter Schools Chief Admits Fraud Washington ...


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