The irrepressible David Denis Doyle is now blogging (The Doyle Report) and it's already clear that one of his strengths is finding and posting video snippets like this music video whose refrain is "Test The Kids!": Catchy. Welcome to the blogosphere, Denis....

The shooting of three Newark teenagers against the wall at a local elementary school playground earlier this week doesn't have much to do with education but may have a lot to do with education reform. First, it has put reform-minded Newark mayor Cory Booker on the defensive, potentially disrupting his efforts to revamp the state's largest urban school system. Second, as The Gadfly reminds us, it highlights the utter uselessness of NCLB's unsafe schools option. That's also a timely reminder of what happens when states and districts are allowed to come up with their own definitions (in this case, for "persistently...

Joanne Jacobs points to another district, in Arizona, that's trying something similar to what they're planning in NYC (see "Paying Kids..." below). Are there any places that have tried this and it hasn't worked, I wonder? Or where it's worked but they've run out of money for it like with teacher bonuses?...

US News interviews author Alec Klein about what lessons there might be from super-selective schools like New York City's Stuyvesant High School, which admits just 3 percent of the kids who take the entrance exam (Lessons From a Select High School). He says parents, many of them poor immigrants, are remarkably involved in the school, and that the school makes itself a home away from home for the students....

Gerald Bracey points out in this Huffington Post post (Nothing Will Happen with NCLB) that adding more tests (ie, multiple measures) is no guaranteed solution because it could well overwhelm the testing infrastructure. It's an interesting argument, in part because I hadn't heard it before and mostly because it puts Bracey in the position of arguing against multiple measures....


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