"In the 50 years since The Cat in the Hat exploded onto the children's book scene, Theodor Seuss Geisel—pen name "Dr. Seuss"—has become a central character in the American literary mythology, sharing the pantheon with the likes of Mark Twain and F. Scott Fitzgerald," according to this US News story (The Birth of a Famous Feline). "The particular endurance of Cat, many critics say, is owed partly to its origins in an emerging philosophy of phonetic learning. Most of the 236 individual words in the book were taken from a list of beginner words for new readers, and ...

12th Graders Show Better Grasp of Market Forces Than Expected NYT The nation’s high school seniors performed significantly better on the first nationwide economics test than they did on other recent national exams in history and science. State Colleges Prepare To Measure Their Own Performance WSJ Participating schools will use one of three tests to gauge the performance of students with similar entering SAT scores at tasks that any college grad ought to be able to handle. NCSL Declares Opposition to National Standards Ed Week The NCSL today took a hard-line against any form of national academic standards, declaring ...

Though it's not my favorite thing in the world, I'm not nearly as opposed as some are to the idea of paying poor kids and their parents for doing things like going to school and doing well there. And it's not just because a young Harvard professor named Roland Fryer (pictured) says it's a good idea, or because it's worked in Mexico. Lots of parents already pay their kids for chores and good grades. And lots of educators already reward kids with pizza parties and pencils and field trips for behaving well and doing good work. Fair or not, people ...

Hard times for centrist Democrats when NCLB reauthorization is lurching left and all the candidates go to YearlyKos in Chicago and no one shows at the DLC confab. So much for claims that left-right politics were a thing of the past -- during primary season at least. So last night everyone continued to work hard to seek union endorsement. Forbes quotes HRC with this gem: "We need growth models for students. We need broader curriculum. We need to make sure that when we look at our children, we don't just see a little walking test. We've got to have a ...

Serve Breakfast in Class, Advocates for Poor Urge NYT Advocates said that the practice of serving breakfast in cafeterias failed to attract most of the children who need it. Marketing Tricks Tots' Taste Buds EdWeek Anything in a McDonald's wrapper tastes better, youngsters said in a recent study. Foundation Gives $20 Million to Fight Obesity in Schools EdWeek The program is designed to promote healthy eating and exercise in schools in 17 states....


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