Tucked into the corner of a fancy-looking website funded by Knight and others is this story about so-called "indigo" children: Indigo Children. "Some parents believe their children are the vanguard of a new generation of gifted kids sent to save the world — but many doctors say these kids may need medical help." But that's barely the start of it, according to this review (Students produce the future of newsgathering). "These student presentations are better than anything I've seen from "real" news agencies and could serve as a model for the future of interactive/online journalism."...

Quotes From the Democratic Debate Forbes On NCLB: "It was an unfunded mandate. And part of it is that the Department of Education under President Bush did not absolutely enforce it..." Schools losing Texas teacher bonuses Dallas Morning News More than half of the 1,150 Texas schools rewarded in the first year of the landmark teacher pay-for-performance plan have fallen out of the program this year. Via EdNews.org. Shuttle Endeavor to Carry Teacher into Space PBS Teacher Barbara Morgan joins the Endeavor crew for a planned Wednesday launch. She was selected as the backup candidate to Christa McAuliffe ...

Mom, I’m at the Gym Doing Homework (Really!) NYT The latest hangouts for teenagers are health clubs that cater to them. Margaret Spellings' Summer Reading List NPR Spellings says that she just finished this novel, which she found "reflective and thought provoking." Gibert's spiritual memoir follows her recovery from a messy divorce as she battles depression and loneliness. Disney Acquires Web Site for Children Racing to solidify its dominant position in children’s entertainment on the Internet, the Walt Disney Company said Wednesday that it had acquired a subscription Web site aimed at preteenagers, Club Penguin, in a deal ...

A letter signed by dozens of civil rights groups -- but not by the Education Trust, Citizen's Commission On Civil Rights -- shows just how divided the broader civil rights community is on whether to include other tests and evidence of performance in the AYP school rating system of NCLB. "Today's letter -- signed by many more organizations, several with large grassroots membership bases -- demonstrates, among other things, that those two groups [Ed Trust and CCCR] do not represent the views of the broader civil rights community on NCLB," says Bob Schaeffer of the FEA. There's nothing particularly new ...

This post from Washington Whispers about just how tech-crazy Congressman G. Miller is sounds like a thinly-veiled invitation to some lobbyist out there to get him an iPhone (YouTube Not Just for White House Hopefuls). He's got just about everything else -- a Second Life avatar, a video podcast, a Blackberry, etc. Maybe if some of the civil rights groups get him one they can get back in his good graces. Or maybe they should buy them for the committee freshmen instead....


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