What happens next with NCLB won't be determined by what position editorial pages take on the issue of multiple measures, but it's interesting to note that several, including at least two more today, have decided that it's worth taking a moment to talk about what direction the law is going to go and warning against a retreat on NCLB: A Vote for 'No Child' Washington Post To let states wriggle out of accountability on the basics would betray the mission of No Child Left Behind. No Retreat From No Child Dallas Morning News The last thing that students need is ...

...University of Houston president, that is. From an eagle-eyed reader I learn that the Houston Chronicle is trying to draft her into the search for a new head of the school (Margaret Spellings our nominee for UH chancellor-president). "The Chronicle's editorial board, which includes four UH alumni, thinks the best qualified potential candidate is a University of Houston graduate, as well as the highest ranking federal education official..." She is "well-respected by both Republicans and Democrats, public school officials and teacher union leaders. She understands the full spectrum of public education, from preschool to graduate study, and recently proposed the ...

Bridge Hero Gets Offer: Paid Tuition NYT A full scholarship has been offered to Jeremy Hernandez, a struggling former student who kicked open the back door of a tipping school bus with 50 children. NCSL Panel Fails to Reach Consensus on National Standards EdWeek The committee had been poised today to endorse a policy taking a firm stand against any national standards. Numbers Not Adding up for Prospective Teachers in New Jersey AP The state Board of Education is considering raising the minimum passing score on tests for new teachers, despite knowing it might cause even more to fail, The ...

Here's the flyer that's got the edblogs buzzing -- apparently handed out at the liberal blogging convention known as YearlyKos, at which the Democratic presidential candidates appeared (more on this later). Sherman Dorn calls the flyer sloppy and sensationalistic. The Quick and the Ed says that moves like this make it hard to take the NEA seriously....

"If your child attends a successful school in a well-to-do neighborhood, chances are the curriculum hasn't narrowed," points out this excellent USA Today editorial that the USDE ever so kindly sent out an email about (An illusion gains credibility)."And if your child attends a school in a high-poverty neighborhood, chances are the school needs to zero in on basics." Most importantly, the editorial acknowledges that some schools have gone too far, but there are well-respected programs being used around the country that don't require the exclusion of other subjects. Like the editorial says, "it doesn't have to be that ...


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