Bored out of your mind at an interminable summer workshop? Not sure what to do with your kids between summer camp and the start of school? Students complaining that school is "just like jail?" Do what these Phillipino (filipino?) prisoners did -- stage a full-scale re-enactment of Michael Jackson's famous video, Thriller, in the prison yard, featuring a cast of 100s. If they can do it, so can you. Remember to tape it, though, and send it in....

Anti-Bureaucrat Charter Schools Get Centralized NY Sun A funny thing is happening with some anti-bureaucrats: They are bureaucratizing, building central offices that function like miniature school districts overseeing between four and 40 schools. Judge: No New Assignment Plan Needed For Ky. Schools EdWeek A federal judge told the Louisville school district it can use whatever method it likes to assign students to schools—as long as race isn't considered. Ironing out policies on school uniforms USA Today As the new school year approaches, more schools are requiring students to wear uniforms or otherwise restricting what they may wear — and parents ...

NCLB News More Folks Like NCLB Than Like Their Local Schools, Says New Poll Putting Freshmen In The Spotlight, Putting NCLB Under Is Miller Breaking Up With Pro-NCLB Groups? What Testing Guru Bill Sanders Really Meant About Multiple Measures Teachers And Teaching Report Praises Chicago Transfer Policy, Slams Evaluation "Tough Liberal" --Friday Reading For Steve Barr & Others Unions & Teachers & School Improvement Urban Education The War Within The Charter Movement: Quality Vs. Choice Schoolchildren Narrowly Escape Bridge Collapse Parents, Pedophiles, & Places For Their Kids Media Watch Job Opening In Dallas Inane "I Like Turtles" Video Goes National Scribbled Notes On A ...

Once in a while, I actually do some reporting, and today I happened to talk Prof. William Sanders, the testing guru whose recent letter to Congressman Miller was leaked to the press and seemed (according to an Ed Daily story) to put Sanders squarely against Miller's proposed use of multiple measures in AYP. Well, it turns out that Sanders is against the use of portfolios and classroom observations that are often called multiple measures, but not against end of course tests, college entrance tests, and the like that he thinks Miller is talking about. "Those things have a place," says ...

"The Dallas Morning News seeks a seasoned reporter to join its prize-winning education team. The ideal candidate will have demonstrated an ability to execute sophisticated enterprise, and he or she will have an eye for fresh, classroom-level topics that resonate with students and parents. Also a must: Investigative skills and the ability to look critically at education policies, practices and politics. This reporter must be a strong writer and be willing and able to juggle a variety of breaking news and longer-term stories. Computer-assisted reporting skills are crucial. Please contact Education Department Head Kamrhan Farwell at [email protected] or ...


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