I'm using the term loosely here. Pupils too passive, education chief says Denver Post U.S. Education Secretary Margaret Spellings on Monday confronted a challenge on many Americans' minds: how relatively comfortable U.S. students can compete against the family-driven zeal children bring to school in countries such as China and India. Clouds Gather Over D.C. Schools Washington Post One month before school starts, District officials said yesterday that half of D.C. public schools do not have all their required textbooks and half of the school buildings will not have any air conditioning on the first day of ...

There's wall-to-wall coverage of the Miller speech on Monday morning, which tells you just how little is going on. Sherman Dorn goes point by point here. EdWeek's Mark Walsh has it here. (wait until September). Sara Mead sees room on multiple measures here. The prepared text is here. And the NYT coverage focusing on reactions to the speech is here. UPDATE: What I'm not clear on is why Miller felt like he needed to make this speech, which doesn't appear to have been particularly reassuring to either side of the strengthen/weaken NCLB debate, or what he hoped to gain. ...

Hoping to influence the legislature or the contract negotiations or both, there's a new Joyce-funded report from The New Teacher Project out today on teacher ratings, hiring, and all the rest. The big news? Chicago's longstanding elimination of "bumping" is a notable exception to how other cities handle transfers, and just 12 percent of applicants are hired (up from 18 percent four years ago) -- but its evaluation system is a mess. See Tribune story here. The report also calls for an evaluation and pay system that's independent of the labor contract, which I don't exactly know would fly. Cross-posted ...

Things I learned at the Democrats For Education Reform happy hour on Friday in Manhattan: Green Dot founder Steve Barr is thinking about an "affiliate" model along the lines of KIPP et al in order to continue its expansion to New York and other places (Chicago?). There's yet another Green Dot profile coming out next week -- this one from Forbes. Joe Williams is a gracious host. Why the picture of Lindsay Lohan, the tabloid media's current obsession? Because right now Green Dot founder Steve Barr is education's LiLo-- minus the stints in rehab and ankle bracelet (so far). Or, ...

Stuck in third place early last week, AACTE's Jade Floyd is currently in first place with over 2500 votes over at FishBowlDC -- thanks to your efforts, and, I'm guessing, lots and lots of popularity-obsessed ed school profs and administrators weighing in on her behalf. You know how those guys love rankings....


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