Such as they are... Stemming the Summer Slide Washington Post Summer can be the enemy of the schoolteacher: Students forget their math. They stop reading. And in the case of those with limited English skills, they lose their newly acquired words. Simple Safety Solution: Classroom Locks MSNBC Safety experts say that while school officials across the nation re-evaluate campus safety in the aftermath of the Virginia Tech tragedy, many are overlooking a simple solution: putting locks on the inside of classroom doors. PLUS: Witnesses: Teen Said Principal Would Die Washington Post ‘Play It Smart’ High School Program Is Putting Some ...

Chairman George Miller is scheduled to give a "major" speech on NCLB reauthorization at 10 today at the National Press Club -- should be lots of tidbits and hints at what happens next. Antsy and bored? Make good use of that Blackberry and email me your impressions and observations about the speech, who's there, and -- most important -- what they're wearing. Yes, you can do it anonymously. To: thisweekineducation @ gmail dot com. UPDATE: EdWeek confirms the delay until September and rehashes some of the conflicts that may be causing it (ie, multiple measures). UPDATE: McKeon statement (below) emphasizes "content" ...

Posts Of The Week How Steve Barr Is Not Like The Other Charter Show Ponies Teaching Parents To Play With Their Kids: What If We're Wrong? USDE EdSec Wants More "Pocket Protector" Skills The Two Margaret Spellings On The Hill How Congressional Earmarks Work Senate Higher Ed Bill Endangers Quick NCLB Reauthorization Our Hottie Is So Much Hotter Than Their Hotties NCLB News EXCLUSIVE: Miller Reauthorization Memo To Freshmen Turning Up The Heat On "Multiple Measures" Who's For, Against Letting Students Transfer To Better Schools Campaign 2008 Obama Advocates Sex Ed For Kindergarteners, Does He? What Anderson Cooper Should Have ...

On your left, you have US EdSec Margaret Spellings -- complete with pearls, flag in the background, and that cute smile with her tongue. On your right, you have the somewhat frumpier Simpsons version of the Secretary, who looks (like many Simpsons characters) a little transgendered. Sorry, Madame Secretary -- it was the best I could do....

This is going to have to be a group effort, since the Simpsonization site is working so slowly. But here's the preliminary list of folks who should be Simpsonized (even though some of them already look Simpson-esque in real life)>: Margaret Spellings & Rod Paige, George Miller & Ted Kennedy, *Paul Vallas, Joel Klein, Rudy Crew, & Michelle Rhee. Or pick your own favorite education person. Either way, we'll have yellow Simpsons versions of our characters, to save and share and play with during the cold winter ahead. UPDATE: Weeks and months ago, it seems, blogger Sherman Dorn (pictured) has Simpsonized himself (again, ...


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