No Child law runs into GOP revolt Gannett News Rep. George Miller, D-Calif., chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee, is set to outline his changes to the law Monday and is expected to propose legislation in September. Studying math improves science scores MSNBC Students who had more math courses in high school did better in all types of science once they got to college, researchers say. U.S. Poised to Sit Out TIMSS Test EdWeek The U.S. Department of Education has said budget and staffing constraints will prevent one of its agencies from taking part in the ...

Praise is already rolling in for Linda Perlstein's new book, Tested, which charts the (mostly-negative) impact of test-based accountability on a Maryland school that had increased its test scores dramatically in recent years. So far, the book has been blurbed by David Simon, author of The Corner and executive producer of HBO's “The Wire,” E.D. Hirsch Jr., author of The Dictionary of Cultural Literacy and The Knowledge Deficit, and Stanford prof Larry Cuban. TeacherKen also does a long post about it at DailyKos.You can order it here....

Before you drink the NYC/Bloomberg Kool-Aid, read this piece by Sol Stern which adds some new information to the increasingly-familiar refrain that chancellor Klein has sexed up recent test scores, churned out too many policy ideas, and become more abstract and technocratic. Stern adds that Klein's popularity is now down to 37 percent, there are 29 people in the DOE communications office, a third of NYC schools may still not be making AYP, the decentralization program may be more sizzle than steak, and the weighted student funding initiative -- under policy darling Robert Gorden (now departed) -- collapsed under ...

What followup questions should Anderson Cooper have asked the Presidential candidates -- if only he knew a little about education? Eduwonk has some ideas here (Ed Politics), including challenging Richardson on his NCLB-bashing and probing Dodd on whether he's for NCLB or national standards. "It fell to Mike Gravel of all people to say that maybe some choice and competition might help!" *Free Daily E-Mail Updates Now Available -- See The Yellow Box To The Right.*...

Jonathan Kozol is for it. The USA Today editorial page is for it. But not -- why am I surprised? -- the National School Boards Association. In a pro/con debate on student transfers from yesterday, the paper comes out saying that there should be more city-suburb transfer programs like the ones in St. Louis (Let urban kids transfer out) -- and that NCLB's weak transfer provision should be beefed up to create more real opportunities. But NSBA president Norm Wooten says no -- transferring out is not popular with families and wastes school funds (here). Funny thing is, NSBA ...


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