Here's a feisty op ed in the SF Chronicle about efforts to soften (improve?) NCLB via multiple measures: "Expect Democrats to try to squeeze as much money as possible from federal taxpayers, while watering down accountability requirements so that schools won't have to do a better job of teaching," says the piece (Rx for failure). "And they'll do it by undermining the testing system so that illiterate students can be labeled as success stories." *Free Daily E-Mail Updates Now Available -- See The Yellow Box To The Right.*...

Here are some of the top education-kid-parent stories of late, according to Digg: 1 in 10 Parents Don't Understand Bedtime Stories Almost a quarter (23%) skip passages they cannot read or invent words to get to the end of a sentence, the poll found. When Soccer Moms Attack These histrionics took place at an "under-8" match for boys in Pickering on the weekend. The referee? A 14-year-old girl. Boys face sex trial for slapping girls' rear-ends Two middle-school students in Oregon are facing possible time in a juvenile jail and could have to register as sex offenders for smacking girls ...

Major Study of City Schools Shows Charters in Lead NY Sun Researchers took advantage of New York City charter schools' popularity -- applications outnumber available seats, on average, 3 to 1 -- comparing students who applied and were accepted through a random lottery to students who were rejected. In science, rural kids strongest AP Rural students perform better in science than their urban counterparts, and rural teachers generally are happy with their schools, a federal study finds. Bloomberg's New Slogan: A Harry Potter in Every Pot Washington Post Bloomberg laid out an agenda that includes several items opposed by teachers' ...

This just out: "On Monday, July 30, at the National Press Club, U.S. Rep. George Miller (D-CA) will deliver a major speech on the future of Lindsay Lohan's acting career the No Child Left Behind education law." 10:00am ET at the Press Building. NB: Eagle eyed readers of the Miller memo (see below) want to know who DanB (the author) is. Any ideas? I'm too lazy to figure it out for you....

As you can see, our education hottie, Jade Floyd of AACTE (left), is so much hotter than any of the other two front-runners (Jessica Ferguson, Sen. Thune in the orange, Pepper Pennington, Rep. Feeney in the black top). And more scantily clad, to boot. However, stuck at the bottom of the ballot, Jade needs your help to leap past these two other contestants. Go here, scroll to the bottom, click the little circle next to Jade's picture, and click "vote." No registration or anything else is required....


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