FishBowlDC reports that newbie Post education writer Amit Paley is headed off to some other, more cushy job. Covering Iraq. Starting September. Congrats, condolences. No word yet on who (if anyone) is replacing Paley. In the meantime, I guess that just means more work (and less vacation) for Jay Mathews and Valerie Strauss....

Thanks a ton to a brave reader for sending in the Miller memo to House freshmen from earlier this month, which outlines where things are (or were) on the House majority side at least. As you can see, the two-page memo (PDF) dated July 7 outlines nine key proposals and asks for feedback. The proposals range from the obvious ("Allow states to use growth models that recognize progress over time," improve test quality, prioritize schools with the most problems) to the highly controversial ("Allow states to use more than test scores to measure student learning and school performance") to the ...

Apparently playing on the carpet and making up stories with little kids isn't as "natural" as we are being told -- and may not be so much better for them. (Plus which, it's boring -- admit it.) That's the idea that this largely-ignored Boston Globe article from a couple of weeks ago raises (Leave those kids alone) -- along with questions about the idea that schools and other agencies should try and teach low-income and minority families to play with their children the way that many affluent, white families currently do. "The proselytizing on behalf of playful middle-class approaches vexes ...

Besides the curriculum narrowing story, of course.... 2 New Jersey School Districts Regain Some Local Control NYT The state will continue, however, to oversee academic instruction in the Newark and Jersey City public schools. Via How Schools Get It RightBaltimore Sun Tucked amid a block of rowhouses around the corner from Camden Yards is an elementary school with a statistical profile that often spells academic trouble: 76 percent of the students are poor, and 95 percent are minorities. Via DA Daily. Groups Lay Out Compensation €Essentials€ EdWeek Performance-pay systems for teachers that are set up wrong might be ...

Lots of folks take a swipe at reporting this year's version of the CEP survey of school districts about the impacts of NCLB on instruction. The AP version of the story is pretty cut and dried (No Child law has downside, survey finds). In contrast, the NYT spends a lot of time trying to explain why the percentage of districts decreased so much from last year -- a change the report authors attribute to a wording change in the survey (Focus on 2 R’s Cuts Time for the Rest, Report Says). Remember, it was the Times that heralded last ...


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