Education Secretary Margaret Spellings and Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff are holding a press event tomorrow in Fairfax County on the issue of emergency preparedness. No word on whether it will be faked or not like last week's fake FEMA press conference (US disaster-relief agency stages fake press conference)....

On Friday, New York state officials approved Green Dot, a unionized charter school model from LA, to open in the South Bronx of New York City in partnership with the teachers union there. There are a couple more steps towards final approval, as you can see below from the joint press release....

A Whole School Left Behind Washington Post But in Como and other poor, rural districts around the country, the law's regimen of testing and sanctions has had little, if any, effect. Minnesota Plan Gives Scholarships for Child Care NPR A new initiative in St. Paul, Minn., aims to make high-quality early childhood education more accessible to low-income residents by providing scholarships. The program is the brainchild of an economist who says it will save the state money. Lead exposure, crime seem to correlate USA Today For decades, researchers have known that lead poisoning lowers children's IQs and puts them at ...

Best Of The Week On The HotSeat: Scott Reeder On Teacher Misconduct “Please go KILL these people....Please, please, please.” Teachers & Teaching An Oversupply Of Under-Qualified Teachers Teachers Behaving Badly, States Ignoring The Problem Teacher Suspended For Graphic Book Recommendation From Happy Welcome To Jail Mug Shot NCLB News Staph Outbreak Plus More: It's All NCLB's Fault School Life Cleveland High School Student Shooter Video Released Lice Costs US Schools $500 Million, Says Lice Removal Company School Of Shock Foundation Follies All Of Bush's Worst Ideas Came From AEI DonorsChoose On The Colbert Report Media Watch Bringing Race (and Poverty) ...

EIA Mike finds that not everyone on the left likes Al Shanker (Tough Lefties). I bet famous people wished they had control over what schools get named after them (Colin Powell charter school to close). Eduwonk mocks the AFT for incoherence and more (Terry Moe Hamstrings The AFT). Whitney Tilson has questions (Media myths about the Jena 6). Plus some news stories I missed from earlier in the week: Team targets struggling students Palm Beach Post 3 Catholic Schools Ask Not to Be Changed to Charters Washington Post Child Care Workers in New York City Vote to Unionize NYT Newark ...


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