This latest kerfluffle over Obama's comments about kindergarten sex ed to Planned Parenthood seems to have come and gone, alas, but reveals how easy it is to get in trouble on education issues: Sex ed for kindergarteners 'right thing to do' says Obama ABC News (video here): "Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., told Planned Parenthood Tuesday that sex education for kindergarteners, as long as it is "age-appropriate," is "the right thing to do." Meanwhile, Obama Girl and Giuliani Girl are fighting it out on YouTube....

Students Want Presidential Hopefuls to Make Education a Priority AP via EdWeek A group of S.C. honors students videotaped a question to candidates for the upcoming debates. Test mess entangles school St. Pete Times Some 28 severely disabled children are at the center of a controversy that has pushed West Hernando Middle School to the brink of federal sanctions, according to school officials. School Recruiters Turn To 'Innovative Places' Washington Post Ireneo Abadejos and Julieta Perez are among what they call the "lucky 30" Filipino teachers hired by the Prince George's County school system in October 2004 as part ...

Education Department Spellings & Rove, Sitting In A Tree? As If. Running Out Of July NCLB News Dem Groups Concerned About Miller NCLB Bill Civil Rights & Business Groups Join Together To Fight For NCLB Opting Out Of Highly Qualified Teachers NCLB Implementation Roundup Convenient Arguments: Clarence Page Teachers & Teaching University Of Chicago Calls Out Rest Of Higher Education Community Louisiana Gives Teacher Mercedes Benz Campaign 2008 Dems & Vouchers More Kids Killed In Chicago Than Soldiers In Iraq School Life Dutch Kids Help Build Viking Ship Made Of Ice Cream Sticks Bootylicious Teachers & Their Flip-Flops Urban Ed Charters Get Their Own Search ...

Twenty-something teachers are pissing off the medium-to-older set (of teachers) by wearing flip-flops and giving kids extra credit for spelling words like "bootylicious," according to this post from AFT John based on a Teacher Magazine posting (here). It's an all-out generational war, I tell you....

Hawaii Gets No Break on School Test Scores Hawaii wanted to join seven states that are now evaluated under the so-called "growth model," which measures how much progress individual students make, rather than whether they hit arbitrary score levels in the federal No Child Left Behind program. Schools hit penalty phase of NCLB Herald Tribune (Fla.) While many educators are quick to point out the shortcomings of the law, Wakeland Elementary School Principal Chuck Fradley credits it for forcing his school to make necessary changes, even though his school also faces penalties. Where's the support for NCLB? Tucson ...


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