Edwards Pushes Better Education for Poor EdWeek Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards has called for measures to strengthen education for poor children and make schools more economically diverse in order to fight poverty. DC Conference Centering On Vouchers NY Sun Giving private school vouchers to Washington, D.C., schoolchildren has increased the funds available to the city's public system at large, but it has not triggered a competitive pushback of improvement in the public schools, researchers will argue at a conference in Washington today. Abstinence Education Faces an Uncertain Future NYT Opponents of abstinence education cite a study that found ...

This week's EdWeek includes a noteworthy commentary from UofC education honcho Tim Knowles (pictured) in which he calls out the rest of higher ed for not being more substantially involved in K12 school reform issues (John Dewey for Today). As Knowles describes, the UofC is running a fast-growing network of charter schools, providing support services to another set of regular Chicago public schools, and even have a small practice-based teacher prep program. All this without having a formal ed school....

Never want to see my grinning gargoyle of a head shot again? I got no problem with that. First, ditch that bookmark -- you never remember to check it anyway. Go to the first yellow box right under my picture and sign up for a weekly email summary of what's been on this site. At least that way you won't be entirely in the dark. Want something more frequent? Go to the second yellow box and sign up there -- you'll get a daily report on whatever crap material that I've posted during the day -- just like the SmartBrief ...

You may or may not think it's significant that there's another new NCLB-related organization. Hard to keep up with how many there are these days. But this one includes a pretty diverse set of players including the Business Roundtable, the Chamber of Commerce, La Raza, NCEA, the Citizens' Commission, and the Ed Trust. And it's pretty staunchly in favor of keeping, if not strengthening, NCLB. Of course, other folks who might help get something done -- CAP, Fordham, New America, CEP, etc. -- aren't signed on, either because they officially "don't do" advocacy or because they think it'd be more ...

I was more than happy to find out I'd been included in Slate.com's roundup of blog posts from a few weeks back, but I wish they'd been able to tell that I was joking about why Bush Administration officials including ones at the USDE might use RNC e-mail addresses instead of their official ones (Today's Blogs). I said that maybe the RNC email was easier to use....


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