There's something a bit too convenient about the most recent "bubble" kids study that says low- and high-performing kids are being left behind, while "bubble" kids in the middle get all the attention. Ditto for today's Clarence Page column in the Chicago Tribune, which riffs off of the study to -- no surprise -- call for lowering NCLB's proficiency requirements (Leaving children behind, again). You could argue that the bubble kids are increasingly higher-achieving, as the NCLB proficiency cutoff moves up over time. But the answer to teachers focusing on the middle kids (as they always have) doesn't seem to ...

What to do if you're no longer the Education Secretary and can't judge schools anymore? Judge beauty contests, of course. In Mississippi. That's what Rod Paige is doing these days, according to this Sun Herald story (Miss Heritage is the new Miss Mississippi). Better to judge than be judged, I guess....

What to do if you happen to use the n-word during a board meeting? Resign, I guess. (R.I. School Official Resigns After Slur AP). Meanwhile, educators in New Mexico found out they won't get in trouble from the feds for a high school racism project that labeled water fountains "Whites Only" and, quaintly, "People Of Color". See: No sanctions for mock-segregation project MSNBC....

Forget the Challenge Index and all that nonsense about Advanced Placement Courses. So 90's. Now Forbes is out with its ranking of districts, based on their notions of who's got the most bang for the buck(Best And Worst School Districts For The Buck). According to Forbes, Marin County, California comes out number one. The others in the top five are Collin, Texas; Hamilton, Ind.; Norfolk, Mass.; and Montgomery, Md. Losers include Alexandria, VA. Others on the bottom of the list include Glynn, Ga.; Washington, D.C.; Ulster, N.Y.; and Beaufort, S.C. For all its obvious flaws, the ...

NCLB Seen as Curbing Low, High Achievers' Gains EdWeek "This is the irony of the `soft bigotry of low expectations,`” he added, quoting a line from President Bush. “Having lower standards is actually beneficial to low-advantage children." College Board Tries to Police Use of ‘Advanced Placement’ Label NYT To help protect its brand, the College Board is creating a list of classes that high schools are authorized to call AP and reviewing the syllabuses for classes. Head Start Renewal AP via EdWeek The bill is virtually unchanged from the version approved in February by the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and ...


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