Not everyone's so sure they're going to like what House education committee chairman George Miller comes up with, according to this letter sent last week from left-leaning progressives who are concerned about Miller watering down the law too much. What a contrast with the last time around, when Miller and the Ed Trust and others worked seamlessly on NCLB and rarely if ever had to resort to public letter-writing like this....

The Etch-A-Sketch was invented 47 years ago last week, according to my new favorite site, How Things Work, which includes a history, information on what's inside and how the things work, and some examples of fancy sketches that people have made. And apparently the gizmo is still appealing to some kids, even though they have computers and the Internet these days....

If I had it my way, this blog would be splashed across EdWeek's front page each and every day -- a notion that I'm sure many would find horrifying. Fair enough. I get that -- though it hurts my feelings and doesn't make sense to me. So when little signs of love come down from EdWeek headquarters, you can imagine how good it makes me feel. Like this new ad, which, now that I think about it, should probably be splashed across the front page....

Every year, Democratic politicians' opposition to vouchers gets narrower and narrower, even though there still aren't a ton of voucher programs around. In fact, one Democratic front-runner, Barack Obama, has not only voted for targeted vouchers (Katrina, etc.) but also indicated he'd support them in other situations. So maybe this is the year for a Dem or two to cross that big divide. Here, Joe Williams calls for a big school voucher proposal from John Edwards, who's proposing a housing voucher instead (Holy Moses)....

AFT John reminds us to read Congressional Quarterly a little more often, especially when it includes tidbits about the increasing unlikelihood of a summer bill introduction and markup for NCLB (Slouching towards 2009). Not enough July left, and not enough of a majority for either party to push something through....


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