Recently named along with Joel Klein as one of the most influential parts of the New York City education scene, goes beyond the usual news coverage and profiles individual schools. Now it has a blog to go along with all the rest....

NPR reminds us that it was 50 years ago that the Little Rock Nine were escorted into white schools (Little Rock Marks Desegregation Anniversary. Jonathan Kozol observes in a recent NYT opinion piece that the Supreme Court's decision last week still allows all sorts of methods of increasing integration, including beefing up the transfer provision in NCLB (Transferring Up). Meanwhile, the NY Sun tells us that imaginative folks there are wondering what would happen if they did that whole city-suburban district thing (Activists Revive Idea of Blending Students From City, Suburbs)...

Positive Trends Recorded in U.S. Data on Teenagers AP Fewer high school students were having sex and more were using condoms in 2005, according to the latest government report on the well-being of the nation’s children. Via Government Eyes Seat Belts for School Buses AP The government is looking again at whether children are safer in seat belts when they ride the bus to school, months after a deadly crash in Alabama. Via District Administration. U.S. education official touts charter schools Albany Press & Sun Bulletin With a successful charter school's graduation ceremony as a backdrop ...

According to the attached press release, Republican Senators Gregg and Burr are today introducing a "comprehensive" NCLB reauthorization bill -- the first of will likely be several volleys from folks who want to push or promote something that's not quite the same as what the committee and leadership staff are up to....

Sick of everyone putting in their two cents instead of just giving you the facts? Me, too. According to this Times Magazine story from earlier this month, we should all be turning to Wikipedia for information -- including breaking news -- since the collaborative website is all about maintaining a neutral point of view. Sound interesting? Well, not so fast. The articles all created by group effort, and are not necessarily complete or accurate even if they're neutral. Maybe that's why people like opinion -- better sifting. Here's the entry for Reading First. And for NCLB. Click "history" to see ...


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